>> The thing that gets me is when a bone is found..... *one* bone... and from that, they have a whole new species all named and described.... how big it was, where it lived, what it ate, all that. That's pushing it a bit, if you ask me. I never realized that they did that, for a long time. But they do.<<

That's what they ALL do! They find a single tooth and the next thing you know there's a whole new species of pre-man! They know all about him. How long ago he lived; what color his hair was; what he had for dinner; what his wife's name was <g>.

I wondered how such things could go on. But when you add to the already rancid mixture of anti-God prejudices, predispositions, biases and the worship of science, the powerful ingredients of "publish or perish" and "get the grant" then the picture begins to take focus.

It was back in the summer when the front page read "Life on Mars!". I recall listening to a radio program where the subject was discussed. The guest was a former insider to Nasa and an expert on these kinds of things. He thoroughly debunked the "proof" of life on Mars. And when asked about the timing his answer was revelatory! He said, wasn't it interesting that Nasa released the news about this rock coincidentally during the same period of time when their budget was up for review. He flat out called the rock a fabrication designed to get Nasa more money. Guess what? It worked!

I think that money and the need to enhance or preserve their careers is no small motivator behind many of these things we see. Shame aint it that kids are being sold a bill of goods because professor "joe" wants to get a big grant next year, or Doctor "Jane" is bucking for a big promotion. tsk tsk tsk