From- 'The Churchman's Human Quest' Nov.-Dec., 1995 pg 17 1074 23rd Ave., North, St. Petersburg, FL 33704


Protestant churches and organizations in Croatia have protested against a proposed law which they claim is undemocratic and will discriminate against the country's smaller religious denominations. The churches complain that the new law, combined with a special agreement to he signed between the Vatican and the Croatian Government, are giving the Roman Catholic Church a privileged position at odds with Croatia's constitution which forbids discrimination on the basis of religion. One church leader said the Roman Catholic Church was becoming a "State church." According to the Zagreb press, the new agreement with the Vatican will make Roman Catholic religious education compulsory in state-run schools, and a "Catholic military vicarate" will be established within the Croatian army. Stanko Jambrek, a pastor and secretary of the Protestant Evangelical Council said that the new law could bring about "religious cleansing" of the republic. A Croatian journalist has already predicted that the law will turn almost 30 religious denominations into "mostly outlawed sects." -END QUOTE-