As I sit here typing this, I hear the CNN coverage of the pope arriving in Denver to meet the president of the USA. In the rain. Men holding umbrellas for them.

Clinton's address: " Your holiness. The USA is honored to have you in Denver. I thank you for coming to Denver"

"Thanks our ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn."

"Holy Father" .... "Your Holiness"

"though not Catholic myself, I was educated by nuns & by Jesuit priests"

"I appointed a man born in Poland to be head of Joint Chiefs of Staff"

Notes America's youngness compared to Vatican maturity......

"All Americans are grateful to the pope for his moral leadership" Credits pope for "defeat of communism"

"Your presence here is welcome". "American is better because of your influence". Re: Catholic social mission: quotes JFK:

"God's work on earth must be our own"

Pope says: "My esteem and friendship to America thank you Thanks government officials. Thanks bishops. Thanks local bishop and local "church""

"I am aware that the USA is suffering from the recent flooding in mid-west. I invoke God's comfort for them."

America's "youngness", contrasted with Vatican's maturity,...

Appropriate for hosting "young" people from all over the world human life is God wonderful gift God offers us who believe in name of Jesus Christ. I come to Denver to listen to young people.

Young people and meaning of life. Striving for a better world. Young people ask society & leaders to accept them as partners in the construction of better world. Get the ideas of young people. Bad world .... too many sufferings .. atrocities of war .. crisis breakdown of family stability serious moral crisis in developed countries without hope,.... looking for instant gratification. lifes transcendent meaning

How do we help them? Instill high moral vision give them possibility to mature concern for common good nation with strong moral vision American people intelligent

rededicate to founding values .. declaration of independence constitution and bill of rights those "truths" need value system base on truth to fight moral confusion no country can endure without children being taught values by schools and media America has tradition of individual and human rights. America, you are beautiful But your blessing is found in the human person in each person in every immigrant and native born. Test of your greatness is the way you treat weakest and most defensless protect those who cannot defend themselves If you want equal justice etc,..... then America must defend life All the great causes that are yours have meaning only if you protect the right to life of the weakest and most defensless.

I said in 1987 priviledged position of USA ...... In the world..... problems of mids-east, africa and new situation from 1989 tragic wars in Balkans and caucus ... Human leaders must make structures to bring peace ... strategic plans ...... universal human rights,....

If the United Nations do devise good plans/structures, then there is hope for the future

USA must continue to be active in promoting human rights all over the world May God guide this nations. God bless America"


CNN SAYS: Rain started about 20 minutes ago.

Pope be in Denver 3 days. 12 August 93

Now turn to C-SPAN covering Pope and Clinton, and answering calls from live callers/watchers,....

Callers,..... some pro-pope,.... some anti-pope/Catholicism