Subject: power...

To: Steve Rose

From: Todd Rourke

Date: 5/24/94

SR> And now we all see the *true* meaning of the phrase. No one needs a silly gawd to display any real power...only a twisted professed belief in one. With that alone...and enough sickoids to back it up with bent on control and rule will win any superficial battle...champion any fear and damnation cause as they see fit. All the while displaying unearned control. <<<

One does need to remember that Providence RI is densely populated with members of the RCC. It was the RCC that yelled the loudest about the More power than God billboard. In the case of RI, it's definitely earned control... most of the state reps and so forth are all Roman Catholics and the Bishop Jello-Mold (Gelineau) here at the Diocese of Providence has no qualms about throwing his political clout around town.

SR> What they have demonstrated though, is that they have no freedom...and in fact are the most enslaved bunch imaginable. For they curtail actual freedoms. In that respect alone...they ARE more powerful than any mythical gawd could be. <<<

Yet what is that line from their own bible? "Turn not unto idols..." but yet it seems that this is the behavior at work, here.


Origin: {Cerebral Babylon} E.Prov/RI