Subject: physicists

To: Graham Kendall

From: Michael Hardy

Date: 12/5/94

-> If the universe were not as it is, then we would not have evolved to note how precisely tuned it is to produce us. Physicists find NO physical evidence for the activities of deities. that is why they do not include them in their equations. It has been proposed that big bangs have occurred throughout eternity, each with a different value of fundamental constants. A few fortunate ones would produce such as us. <<<

However, some physical scientists *do* find evidence of God in the universe. I suggest you read:

The Faith of a Physicist by Dr. John Polkinghorne, president of Queen's College, Cambridge and former Cambridge Professor of Mathematical Physics. Book c. 1994, Princeton University Press.

Genesis and the Big Bang by Dr. Gerald Schroeder, a physicist with his doctorate from MIT. Book c.1990, Bantam.

The Creator and the Cosmos by Dr. Hugh Ross.

I don't have my copy of his book -- it's been on loan to a friend for several months -- but it was published around 1992 or so.

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