Subject: Re: Fun-dee Staal pays ch...

To: Fredric Rice

From: Elliott Finesse

Date: 2/24/96

In a message dated 02-19-96 Fredric Rice wrote to Steve Rose:

FR> I wonder what percentage of tithes end up defending lawsuits and paying damages for rape. <<<<<

sr> By the very priests who steal it from their sheeple-flock in the first place! <<<<<<

I have a newspaper article about the churches concern over laws suits and the author estimates the church has paid out between 400 million and 1/2 Billion in civil damages, compensation to victims, and (I think) court costs world-wide - and rising.

This represents only the losses of the Catholic church where this perversion seems the most entrenched. But having read Freedom From Religion's list of black collar criminals, 3 or 4 times a year for the past 5 years, I can think of no faith that didn't have members of their clergy represented.

If these child-rapists represented any other field or line of work, I think there would have been blood in the streets by now, instead of almost complete silence or stories about individual cases without hinting at the scope of the practice among the clergy.

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