Not too many groups that Jesus names by name as hating the "deeds of."

Since Jesus names them by name as producers of deeds that Jesus "hates," one might think that servants of Jesus [real and wanna-be] would eagerly seek to know what the 'Nicolaitanes' stood for,

But the identity is not well known, and there is a simple reason as to why the meaning of Nicolaitanes is not well known.

The meaning of Nicolaitanes sheds criticallight on the whole of clergy-led organized, "christian" religion.

Via word search of Exhaustive NAS, NIV, NRSV Concordances, Strongs Exhaustive KJV Concordance, and "The New Compact Bible Dictionary" [ Zondervan, 21st printing, 1977]

I conclude that "Nicolaitane" means

"conquerer of the people/laity." or "victorious over the people/laity"

IOW- Pioneers of who we call clergy. To verify, use concordance to examine- "Nicolaitans", "victory", "Nicolas", "people."

Note the striking contrast of typical clergy-led "church services," compared to Paul's 1Cor.14 description of a gathering of believers.

What Paul describes is Spirit led. Not clergy led or "canned."