From ............. HUMAN QUEST

Sept.Oct 1996

page 20

By Ian Cotton

Prometheus. $24.95.

This book provides an interesting analysis of the perplexing explosion of Evangelical/Charismatic Christianity that is infiltrating and even replacing the mainstream denominations whose liberal theologians have been on the verge of rejecling supernaturalism altogether. Now these Evangelical Charismatics are everywhere. And on an international scale they represent a mass return to belief in the supernatural, in miracles, divine intervention and even in the raising of the dead. The author points out that this new irrationalism is expanding in the world while faith in logic and science are on the decline.

In 1906 Evangelical/Charismatics constituted less than .1% of the world Christian population, now they are 25%, and will be one in three by the year 2000.

The only encouraging part of Cotton's analysis, if one can believe it, is that Evangelical Charismatics are not always right-wing politically and may be even less so in the future. He argues that some of the new groups in England such as Ichthus and the international March For Jesus have more in common with the sixteenth-century Anabaptists than with Amencan conservatives.


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