From............ THE NATION

April 25, 1994

By Edward Sorel

page 547

. . . AND DON'T BOTHER WITH THE FACTS Speaking of Time, did you happen to read its article on Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger? In it Nazi Germany is characterized as an "officially atheistic regime." As usual, Time has it all wrong.

In 1939 Hitler addressed the Reichstag, saying,

In 1941 he told Gen. Gerhard Engel,

Above quote (virtually the same) also found on page 2 of

By John Hagee Pub. by Dominion Publishers

(BTW: Mr. Hagee adamently answers his title question in the affirmative)

John Hagee's source is:

page 27 ......... The War Against the Jews 1933-1945

by: Lucy S. Dawidowicz

Pub by Bantam Books


Although the [Roman] Catholic church renounced its ancient animus against Jews, in [Roman] Catholic Poland anti-Semitism persists. That's why we weren't cheered by the news that the Wolf’s Lair—the Nazis' World War II Eastern Front command post — was being turned into a theme park with employees in Wehrmacht uniforms and a Hitler's Bunker disco.