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A.M. Rosenthal: The Rebirth of Croatian Fascism

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Go to Rosenthal's Op-Ed about the rebirth of Croatian Fascism.

prewettjw - 06:51pm Apr 17, 1997 EST (#30

Very courageous article. You're sure gonna catch a lot of flack from Roman Catholics. Perhaps some day more critical attention will be paid to the inordinate degree of influence the Roman Catholic religious institution has over the United States government [and many other governments]. WBW, John

kosmarin - 04:09pm Apr 21, 1997 EST (#55

TO NYT AND TO ROSENTHAL: It is, to say the least, unfair of Rosenthal to write such a big article against all of Croatia, and it is unfair of NYT to give him (and itself) so much space for such obviously unfair propaganda scribbling. The Fascists he (NYT) writes about exist, but they do NOT nearly represent all of Croatia (as you would tendentiously like it to appear and thus try to harm Croatian interests now) - they represent a small fraction! How representative of Croatia they are? Just look at any ELECTION results! Fascists keep getting less than 4% of the votes! So, Rosenthal is either stupid or writing/filling out somebody's anti-Croatian prescription order! His writing stinks! Also, the article appeared just in time to annoy Pope and the Catholic church (Pope's visit to Sarajevo) by connecting Fascism with Catholicism - an old idiotic theme! A sneaky way to avoid saying/reporting something nice on Pope John Paul II.

prewettjw - 04:19am Apr 22, 1997 EST (#56

Re: kosmarin's claim that "..... Rosenthal's ... writing stinks!" partly due to Rosenthal " ... connecting Fascism with Catholicism - an old idiotic theme!"

When Hitler invaded Russia, would Kosmarin have us believe that the papacy/Vatican was neutral ? At it's inception, and during the cold war, would Kosmarin have us believe the papacy/Vatican was neutral ? Regarding the war between the Croats and Serbs, would Kosmarin have us believe the papacy/Vatican has been or possibly could be neutral ?

avoice - 01:33pm Apr 22, 1997 EST (#57

I didn't get the sense that Rosenthal is anti-Catholic. The sense I got is that he is against anyone who has ever harmed Jews. Of course that includes innumerable church-going, god-fearing Christians of all stripes and colors. Rosenthal seems to be more concerned with the forty thousand Jews that the Croat fasicists murdered than the many many more Serbs they murdered. And this may be a natural thing for him. Murder is worse when it strikes closer to home. It's like picking up a paper some morning at breakfast. "Honey, hey look, the Hutus have murdered another 10,000 Tutsis...please pass the butter." Anyone other than a Serbian or Croat or Bosnian, who wants to take up sides with one of these people against the other, is going to end up stupidly on the side of a lot of killers no matter which side he ends up on. If you are a Serbian or Croat or Bosnian, you're caught up in this whether you like it or not, unless you just opt out, change your name and pretend you're Italian or something.

prewettjw - 08:17pm Apr 22, 1997 EST (#58

Re: avoice- "I didn't get the sense that Rosenthal is anti-Catholic."

In light of its track record, I consider it reasonable to be anti-organized religion in general, and "anti-Catholic" in particular.

aponine - 11:06pm Apr 22, 1997 EST (#59

prewettjw 4/22/97 8:17pm In light of that wierd, bible-laden vatican piece you emailed to my workplace the other day, I must say that I can't figure you out. Are you Rosenthal's grand defender, or does the word vatican do something for your neurons? Catholics, just like the Serbs and Croats, are no better or worse than anyone else.

prewettjw - 04:59am Apr 23, 1997 EST (#60 of 60) aponine - 11:06pm Apr 22, 1997

Do try to stay on topic. I'm not the topic.

"The Rebirth of Croatian Fascism" is the topic.

"Croatian Fascism" is another name for the Ustashe. The Ustashe was and is explicitly and exclusively [rabidly] Roman Catholic.

I took issue with the person who contended it "idiotic" to connect Catholicism with Fascism. In light of past and present facts, it is "wierd" that anyone would fail to see the obvious connection of Roman Catholicism with the Fascism in general, and with the Croation Ustashe in particular.