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The Former Yugoslavia

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pribich - 03:15pm Jul 9, 1997 EST (#56 of 57)

sofija - Jul 9, 1997 Msg. #53 ..."Are you saying that the Plavsic vs Karadzic issue is not a suitable forum topic? I thought that this was a forum on the former Yugoslavia?"... - Steven, after what Serbs just went through the only issues, at least to me, are how to punish those that led the U.S. into aggression and how to make the U.S. compensate the Serbs. Your and my votes and tax dollars were used in our names to take sides in a civil war - sides that killed Serb women and children with the intent to eradicate a people in the crime of genocide. Are you a willing co-conspirator? I certainly am not, and I will do all I can to exonerate myself and bring to justice those responsible - Feinstein, Lantos, Specter and others in Washington who misled the American people into believing that Serbs were an aggressor on their own land. I appeal to Serbian Americans and the American people, let's unite and clean Washington of those frauds and take back our government by the people. Let's call on our Christian representatives and demand congressional hearings - the U.S. committed acts of terrorism thousands of times the magnitude of the Oklahoma City bombing on a people who did nothing against us. Let's replace those who represent foreign interests with representatives of the American people. If we dont stand up for justice we can't call ourselves Americans.

prewettjw - 04:08pm Jul 9, 1997 EST (#57 of 57)

In light of blatant, long-standing American government and American media favoritism toward Roman Catholic Croatia, toward Catholics of N. Ireland, toward Cardinal Bravos "Contras", toward the Roman Catholic ruling class of S.Vietnam [during "Cardinal Spellman's war"],..... it's plain that the Roman Catholic cult leaders have much more influence on "American" government and media policy than Jewish leaders have.

And a lot of the Jewish leaders clout is derived from the fact that the Jewish leaders are sitting on lot's of information about RC activities.

Notice news reports of the present N.Ireland violence. EVERY TIME, the media excuses Catholic violence by inserting "sparked by Protestant marchers."

[like every news report of Tutsi's killing Hutus always includes the justification that Hutus's first killed scads of Tutsis, ..... never mind a Tutsi army just happened to be simultaneously overthrowing the government elected by the majority Hutus', never mind the Tutsi military leaders were American trained, never mind Rwanda & Burundi were Roman Catholic dominated nations]

Back to the N. Ireland "march sparked violence",...

Never mind that Roman Catholicism stages Roman Catholic parades wherever RC has the clout, and no news report ever suggest that any non RC's might be offended.

Anywhere in the world, if a Roman Catholic "virgin Mary" parade was attacked by non RC's, the media spin would be that peaceloving RC's were attacked by anti freedom scum. [Edit Message][Delete Message]

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