From................... Sonia Myers

5 December, 1995


There are no innuendoes in the fact that Croatia is now flying the symbol, however redesigned, which to a naked eye, appears the same as the one used during WW2 Fascist Croatia. I am sure that those who care about this subject will go to their libraries and research the subject. I am also sure that they will take the right to make their own minds up.

You should blame Ante Pavelic, the leader of WW2 Fascist Croatia for it is he who irretrievably besmirched the old symbol of Croatian people, not Milosevic, who is not even a Serbian nationalist but an egocentric opportunist concerned exclusively with holding on to power.

There are no innuendoes in the fact that Dinko Sakic, the last commandant of Jasenovac concentration camp, a war criminal, is now walking the streets of Zagreb after his long exile in Australia and is telling Zagreb press that he is proud of what he has done and would do it again.

No innuendoes that efforts have been made to re-name Zagreb streets to honor members of Ustasha's (Croatian Nazi) butchers such as Mile Budak etc.

No innuendoes that Croatian currency "Kuna" bears the same name is it did in Fascist Croatia.

No innuendoes in Croatian Army's use of "Heil Hitler" salute, however unofficially, which has been SEEN AND REPORTED BY FOREIGN JOURNALISTS.

No innuendoes that "U" insignia is sold freely on the streets of Zagreb, and Ustasha songs-revival are common place in Croatia.

These are the facts and they cannot be disputed.

I have nothing more to say about this subject, except that history will judge Tudjman's Croatia for its conduct in the past five years just as it will judge the conduct of all other countries of former Yugoslavia and their leaders.

Best regards

Sonia Myers

P.S. My British mentor taught me a valuable lesson: "Sonia", he said, "when you put your foot in it - leave it there! Otherwise you will get yourself deeper and deeper in the ...mud." Ther's a lot to be said about this pearl of wisdom.