Date: 10/9/94


...As a rule, atheists are ethically and morally superior to theists, as the former live ethical and moral lives out of their innate sense of what is wrong and right, while the latter live (more or less) ethical and moral lives out of fear, ignorance, coercion, and intimidation.


You've got your worldviews confused.

Atheism is PHILOSOPHICALLY ABSURD becuase it is impossible to prove a universal negative, which their very name implies.

Atheism is SCIENTIFICALLY ERRONEOUS because it is based on the false assumption that the universe is eternal, self-sustaining, and causeless.

Atheism is MORALLY BANKRUPT because, as Sartre and Nietzsche have demonstrated, without God as the universal reference point to distinguish good from evil, there are no moral absolutes. Man becomes the measure of all things, including his own ethics and morality.

Atheism is SOCIALLY DESTRUCTIVE because it always leads to tyranny.

Either the state or God is ultimate. Thus atheists look to the state to function in the place of God. The state decides the purpose and meaning of man. The state "should" provide for all things. The state becomes the ultimate reference point for truth as well as morals. Thus it always ends in the destruction of freedom. Over 150,000,000 people have been killed by atheistic governments in the last 50 years.

Atheism is AESTHETICALLY IMPOTENT. If we examine what religion has produced in terms of art, there is no question but that faith in God has inspired man to the highest expressions of art. Have you considered the art and music of atheist artists? It is generally filled with discord, confusion, and ugliness.

As B.F. Skinner illustrated, without God, man has no dignity or freedom.

Without God, people can be treated just like animals if this is all you think they are. As a Christian, I hold to a higher opinion of man. I see man as the creation of an Almighty God.

Origin: (1:301/10)