From ................. THE VATICAN'S HOLOCAUST

By Avro Manhattan

Published by .............. OZARK BOOKS ............. copyright 1986

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 86-062016

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THE VATICAN HOLOCAUST is not a misnomer, an accusation, and even less a speculation. It is an historical fact. Rabid nationalism and religious dogmaticism were its two main ingredients.

During the existence of Croatia as an independent Catholic State, over 700,000 men, women and children perished. Many were executed, tortured, died of starvation, buried alive, or were burned to death. Hundreds were forced to become [Roman] Catholic.

Catholic padres ran concentration camps. Catholic priests were officers of the military corps which committed such atrocities. 700,000 in a total population of a few million proportionally, would be as if one-third of the USA population had been exterminated by a Catholic militia.

What has been gathered in this book will vindicate the veracity of these facts. Dates, names, and places, as well as photos are there to prove them.

They should become known to the American public, not to foster vindictiveness, but to warn them of the danger, which racialism and sectarianism, when allied with religious intolerance can bring to any contemporary nation, whether in Europe or in the New World.

This work should be assessed without prejudice and as a lesson; but even more vital, as a warning for the future of the Americans, beginning with that of the USA.