From - NEW OXFORD REVIEW [RC publication]

March 1987, page 6

By- Peter Kreeft [well known Roman Catholic author]


[4] Chesterton, alas, was wrong. We no longer want a Church that moves the world. We want a Church that moves with the world. But what we want is the opposite of what we need.

Either the [Roman Catholic] Church is the voice of Jesus Christ on earth, supernaturally and infallibly guaranteed by Almighty God to reveal to us His word and His will, not man's, not 'society's'; or it is not.

If it is, then we must stop all this pussyfooting nonsense about rights to dissent and exceptionalisms. Do we have a right to dissent against God? Do we want to be exceptions to the Will of God?

If the Church is not what she claims to be, then it is the most idolatrous, blasphemous, and arrogant thing in the world, and it is the duty of every lover of Christ to hate and oppose her.


Peter Kreeft is Assoc. Professor of Philosophy at Boston College


Note Prof. Kreeft's logic-

Either every pope has been and is everything RC doctrine claims a pope is,

Centuries ago, Elijah said to a crowd of fence sitters-