Subject: "junk DNA"

To: Al Schroeder

From: Michael Hardy

Date: 6/10/96

-=> Quoting Al Schroeder to Roger Hunter <=-

RH> You think DNA is recording tape maybe? We need a mechanism. But that would be a good use for the "junk" DNA which seems to have no use.<<

Some recent research has shown that the "junk" DNA does carry messages. What's still not known is the content and purpose of the message. But it may well not be the "junk" that many assume it is.

"The latest word, however, from studies using computer analysis, shows that 'junk DNA' carries the complex patterns of comunication found in human speech. This indication that junk DNA carries a message or messages appears beyond dispute. What is now under investigation is the content and the purpose(s) ofthe messages(s). Suggestions range from communication of cell functions to transmission of genetic repair procedures to facilitation of life protection features."

Reference: R.N. Mantegna, S.V. Buldyrev, A.L. Goldberger, S. Havlin, C.K. Peng, M.Simons, M. and H.E. Stanley, Linguistic Features of Noncoding DNA Sequences, Physical Review Letters, 73 (1994), pp. 3169-3172.

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