if someone murdered someone, and

then the murderer claimed that he did it because you told him to....

when in fact you had not told him to....

would you be pleased?


suppose you had a friend who knew that you had not ordered the murder.

Would it please you if your friend spoke up on your behalf..... told the truth?

Or would you prefer that your friend remain silent ?

Or support the lie of the murderer?

Vicar means deputy of,agent of,substitute for someone else.

The Popes of Rome claim that they are,and have been, the "Vicars of Christ'

The Popes claim that Jesus Christ has given them supreme authority over Christians everywhere.

They claim to be the "visible head of the Church"

....which in practice makes them the only head of the church....

They claim that they..and they alone...can infallibly interpret the Holy Bible.

While they were making these claims (and others), down through the centuries, they maintained their God-given right/duty to kill and torture anyone who thought and spoke against their claims.

This involved the murder of thousands (if not millions) of people.


IF the Popes are in fact the "Vicars/substitutes/deputies" of Christ,...

then Jesus Christ would be directly responsible for the killing and torture of the inquisitions.... as described in most encyclopedias.


if the Popes work for Jesus,..

then Jesus would be responsible for the killing of people for distributing and translating the story of His own life... which the Bible is.

A commonly used title for the Pope is "Holy Father"....

Pope itself means "father of fathers"

Now, Jesus,as recorded in Matthew 23 said,

I hope we can agree that the Popes have been based in Rome...planet earth...not heaven.

Another title for the Pope is "Pontiff"...which means "bridge builder" In other words.... the Pope is claimed to be the bridge linking man & God.

But Paul summarized the truth this way:

Jesus Himself said,

It is plain to see why the Popes/catholic authorities killed people for distributing Bibles. If you believe Jesus created the Papacy, then you must believe that Jesus is the "author of confusion"...because it would be very confusing to tell us to call no man father...and then turn around and create the "Holy Father/Papacy" cult.

Yes, I said cult.

Satan neighbor...just Satan.

What's the point of making these facts known?

Just this:

The Popes of Rome,including the present one, are nothing but the head of the "great whore" of the Revelation...disgusting in the sight of Jesus/God. The Popes have been the supreme con-artist,phonies,liars,and murders of this world for centuries.

The protestant denominational institutions [Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, ... etc,etc] are daughters of the "great whore" and share her perverted nature.