Subject: A Name For Themselves!

From: Pak Dae-Han Date: 9/22/95

For centuries, since its founding under Paul III in 1540, September 27, exactly, one particular segment of the Roman Catholic priesthood has developed a history for itself, the Religious Order known as the "Soldiers of Jesus Christ," the "Society of Jesus," and more widely known as the "Jesuit Order."

The Jesuits have developed such a reputation, after more than 455 years of devoted work at it (under the name "Society of Jesus" - 461 years under the name "Alumbrados"), it is clearly something worthy of notice.

Such a reputation is described by the bias and anti-Jesuit sentiments published in the standard usage of words in the English language.

If there were not sufficient material which could be presented in court to justify the reasons behind these anti-Jesuit sentiments, surely the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order would have long ago won a lawsuit for liable. No such suit has ever been successful.

There is only the psychological-manipulation-technique of guilt-projection that is used to attack anyone who points to these examples of standard word- usage, which have never been deemed liable because of the fact that proof of the accusations can be substantiated in court by the publishers.

In the publication titled NEW ROGET'S THESAURUS, P.S.I. & Associates, 13322 S.W. 128th Street, Miami, FL 33186, 1990, the following synonyms are given for this Religious Order - the Religious Order overseeing the very teachings of every Roman Catholic,

JESUIT (abridged)

"deceiver, liar, hypocrite, shuffler, dissembler, impostor, cheat, rogue, trickster, swindler, quack, charlatan,"

who conduct themselves through

"falsehood, perversion of truth, forgery, prevarication, evasion, unfairness, dishonesty, misrepresentation, insincerity, duplicity, double dealing, mental reservation, dissimulation, disguise, sham, false coloring, perjury,"

their intentions are defined as

"to be false, to speak falsely, lie, tell a lie, misreport, falsify, misrepresent, prevaricate, mince the truth, swear false, perjure one's self, bear false witness, to garble, gloss over, disguise, color, varnish, dress up, to invent, fabricate, trump up, forge, feign, counterfeit,"

education under their direction cannot help but produce the same fruit as the tree which bore it those things which are

"faithless, truthless, disingenuous, double-tongued, doubled- faced, insidious, sly, designing, Machiavelian, unfounded, fictitious, invented, forged falsified, counterfeit, spurious, sham, supposititious," full of "casuistry," etc.

To accept their word is the last thing a seeker of the truth can do.

They, and those who follow them, will say anything necessary to defend their "faith" - a religion which teaches them to lie if necessary, to any and all extent, to keep their real motives from being exposed. Those motives are aimed at setting the pope before the world "for and in the place of Christ."