Subject: Catholic Hypocrisy

To: Jabberwock

From: Archemedies

Date: 8/14/94

S> Let's see some opinions. Waldheim knighted for "safeguarding human rights." Agree or disagree?<

Jab> Totally sick, but why are you surprised? The [Roman] Catholic Church does weird, hypocritical things all the time. I would think a knighthood from them would be a curse. But that's just me. <grin><

Not only just you. According to CODESH:

Fesch was a convicted cop killer who was executed in 1959 during a botched holdup. Fesch was from a wealthy family and, when daddy didn't give him the money he wanted to buy a yacht, Fesch stole a pistol on Febuary 25, 1954, pistol-whipped a teller and took the money at a place near the Paris Stock Exchange.

During his attempted escape he shot a cop through the heart and was arrested and controlled "moments later in a subway station."

Like most criminals who recognize that Christians have special rights, he claimed to "find a Christian god" -

- it didn't work; he was executed five years later.

The act of granting false states of grace and sainthood to this clown comes as no surprised when placed into the context of history.

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--- * Origin: Bigotry is _not_ a "family value." (93:9700/9)