JP> God could exist even if there is no “evidence.”<<<<

HP> But it'd be totally irrelevant as it would have no effect [effects being, after all, evidence of existence, and irrelevancy being the lack of such effects].<<<<

The following alludes to a fact that has a bearing on why I unimpressed with your opinions regarding "evidence" and interpretation thereof.

Surprise me- Show me you’re bright enough to understand and learn something from what Mr. Colony is saying that has a bearing on "evidence" and interpretation thereof.


March 1995

page 128-9

By David J. Buerger

Interviewing George "Golden Guts" Colony

[Mr. "Golden Guts" is paid [very well] to predict the future regarding technological trends.]

Begin quote- [my emphasis added]


Super analyst/consultant George "Golden Guts" Colony delivers some really educated guesses.

Wired: What do analysts spend their time doing?

Colony: What I tell people is, Put your feet on the windowsill, look out at Harvard Square, and think. Push your thinking forward.

We have an ethic that we call WIM - What It Means.

They will pay you, however, for your analysis of what it means .

And that takes a lot of thinking. That's very, very hard to do.

Good analysis is not always scientific. It is subjective, qualitative research.

I really measure it in its accuracy. I would say we probably bat about .700 - that's pretty good. Our analyst do guess, but there are educated guesses, and there are really educated guesses. I hope we're making really educated guesses.


David Buerger [] is a freelance writer, a weekly columnist for Network World, and a networking industry consultant in Atlanta.