Subject: Re: Quote - Unquote: Oct 18th

From: Scot Bear

Date: 11/14/95

QUOTE UNQUOTE ........... #50 - Oct. 18, 1995

by Rex Wockner

"Matt Dillon's underwear."

--Singer Boy George when asked by Us magazine:

<><><><><> >

"Does cybersex count as infidelity?"

--Asked on the Internet Usenet newsgroup


--Chastity Bono, daughter of Sonny & Cher, to Chicago's Outlines.


--Singer k.d. lang to The New York Times on coming out.


--Ms. Magazine Editor Gloria Steinem at a rally following a protest march against Pope John Paul II's visit to New York.


--Possible presidential candidate Gen. Colin Powell when asked by Chicago's Outlines,


--Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Colin Powell to CNN.


Famed gay author Edmund White to Atlanta's Etcetera magazine.


--Andrew Sullivan, editor of the influential journal The New Republic.


--Deb Price, whose gay-issues column runs in mainstream newspapers.


--Pat Robertson.

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