From ....................... The Washington Time

National Weekly Edition

27 Feb-05 Mar, 1995

page 16


Rep. John Tanner, Tennessee Democrat, told Scripps Howard News Service that several Republicans have told him they agree on the need to massage chapters of the "Contract With America" - but that they won't mess with it until after Speaker Newt Gingrich's 100-day benchmark.

Typical flash point:

House Ways and Means Republicans are holding firm on a pledge to deny welfare cash benefits to unwed teen-age moms and their kids.

But pro-life Rep. Henry J. Hyde, Illinois Republican, along with mainstream Catholic groups, fret that will only encourage abortions.


Henry Hyde, hard-core Roman Catholic, is the single most adamant champion of the anti-abortion AND ANTI-BIRTH CONTROL crowd.

Now, Hyde joins with pro-welfare left wing religious groups.

Mr. Hyde is a servant of Roman Catholicism, and is a traitor to America.