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The Crusaders were not holy men on a holy mission. They were a motley mob of thieves and robbers whose sins had been forgiven in advance by the pope. Any man who "answered the call of the Crusade" could consider all his financial debts to any Jewish creditor canceled. It was a quick way to get out of debt.

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As a bonus, the Crusaders were permitted to rob the Jews of their possessions on the road to and from Jerusalem. If they murdered the Jews, and raped their daughters and wives, all was forgiven in advance by the Pope before they left on the Crusade. This was done because "it was the will of God."

It is no wonder that the word "crusade" makes the Jews of the world nauseous. A Christian sees the Cross and thinks of forgiveness of a sin; a Jew looks at a Cross like an electric chair in the death house.

When the First crusade under Godfrey reached Jerusalem in 1099, the Crusaders invaded the city through the Jewish quarter. In a desperate attempt to save their lives, 969 Jewish men, women and children ran for the synagogue for protection, locking the doors behind them.

The Crusaders promptly set fire to the synagogue and listened to helpless women and innocent children scream in horror, begging for mercy as they were burned alive. The Crusaders marched around the synagogue singing triumphantly, "Christ, We Adore Thee" as more than nine hundred members of the family of our Lord were cremated.

G.K. Chesterton [1874-1936], [Roman] Catholic author whose works are used in parochial schools, expressed his regret

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a prominent New Testament Jewish Rabbi said,

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The Fourth Lateran Council met in November of 1215 in response to the call of Pope Innocent III. There were more than a thousand Church delegates who met in four stormy sessions to determine what the official relationship between Christians and Jews should be, as approved by the Roman Church. The official Christian policy that came out of the Fourth Lateran Council was a formal declaration supporting the conduct of the Roman Church toward the Jews for centuries prior. It would be the officially approved standard of conduct for European Christians toward Jews until Adolf Hitler came to power. The Fourth Lateran Council decided that all Jews must wear ........


Concerned that Christians and Jews would engage in sexual intercourse, the Church fathers forced the Jews to wear distinctive clothing so that they could be recognized on sight.

The reference to "this is ordained by Moses" refers to the fact that Moses instructed the men of Israel to make Prayer Shawls [Numbers 15 :37-41] that were to

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be worn by all adult men from "generation to generation."

Jesus Christ wore a Prayer Shawl from his thirteenth birthday until the day of his crucifixion.

The Church fathers used Moses' description of a Prayer Shawl as scriptural justification to force all Jews of "both sexes in all Christian lands" to dress distinctively.

When Adolf Hitler came to power, he used this long established Roman Church policy to force the Jews to wear the Yellow Star of David, marking them for abuse and execution. The Fourth Lateran Council also ruled that the Jews must ..........


The Jews were ordered by the Council to pay tithes [ten percent of their gross income] to the Roman Church because the Jews were now owners of lands that had previously belonged to Christians. The Roman Church could not afford a loss of revenue just because a Christian had sold his property to a perfidious Jew. The exact reading of the Council edict states:

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This ecclesiastical edict was nothing short of extortion. It was economic control of the Jews via law!

On April 1, 1933, sixty days after Adolf Hitler had sworn before the German people to "conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone," he declared a general boycott of every Jewish business in the Third Reich. It was economic control of the Jews through law!

Jews were ordered to paint a Yellow Star of David in the front window so that all good Germans would know to boycott that store. Signs were also hung on the stores which said in large bold letters, "Germans! Don't buy from Jews!" With the Jews now under boycott, Hitler turned his attention toward the Civil Service.

On April 7, 1933, the Third Reich passed a law with the pompous title, "Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service." The lofty sounding piece of legislation was the legal instrument through which the Nazis dismissed every Jew working a civil service job in Germany. Thousands of Jews were without jobs overnight. It was economic control of the Jews through law, a long standing Roman Church policy!

The Fourth Lateran Council also decreed that "Jews could not hold public office" and called upon the secular powers to "exterminate all heretics."9 When Hitler came to power he dutifully followed all four of these Roman Church policies.

The Spanish Inquisition

The Spanish Inquisition began in 1481, striking the Jews like a bolt of thunder out of the blue heavens.

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For years the Jews of Spain were under extreme pressure to convert to the Roman Church. Many did and were called Marranos [Spanish word for pigs]. They were hated by the Jews for being traitors to Judaism and were hated by the Roman Church who believed these "converts" were practicing Judaism secretly while pretending to be good Catholics.

All attempts to separate the new converts from Judaism via legislation, ghettoization or education were fruitless. From the second half of the 15th century, public discussions were conducted to determine what to do about this religious and social problem.

In 1474, when Ferdinand and Isabella ascended to the throne of Castile, the opportunity for a radical solution was at hand. They could not have consolidated their political rule without the assistance of the Church. In exchange for the support of the Church, Ferdinand and Isabella introduced a series of restrictive orders against the Jews.

Religious fervor mounted until Ferdinand and Isabella appealed to Pope Sixtus IV in 1477 to establish an Inquisition. The point must be made that this Inquisition was established by the Roman Church and received its power directly from the Pope. Its purpose was to purge the Church of Jews whose conversions were in question.

Two Dominican monks, Miguel de Morillo and Juan de San Martin were appointed to lead the Inquisition on September 27, 1480. They demanded that all Judaizers who had fled the country in terror be delivered into their hands for trial. The wealthy and

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notable personalities of the Jewish community were brought before the religious court where hundreds were burned alive at the stake and thousands returned to the church in terrified obedience.

The Inquisition was extended in October, 1483 and under the fanatical leadership of Tomas de Torquemada reached levels of torture the Jews would not experience again until Hitler's sadistic Nazi SS Corps blossomed into its highest level of madness. Pulitzer Prize winning historian, John Toland, records that,

In the fanatical effort to determine who was truly a loyal [Roman] Catholic and who was not, Jewish children were choked to death in the presence of their parents. The naked breast of women were shriveled with hot irons to make them betray their husbands. The bodies of the husbands were stretched on the rack where they were pulled in half forcing them through excruciating pain to denounce their wives and children as false converts.

A major emphasis of the Inquisition was to steal the wealth of the Jews for the benefit of the royal court and the Roman Church. The faithful became so enthusiastic in the expropriating of Jewish wealth and property that the bones of dead Jews were dug up for "trial" so estates could be confiscated from their heirs. Manuals of the Inquisition were published which gave hints on how to spot a "backsliding" Jew and how

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to extend and intensify the suffering of the Jewish subject by flame, garrote, rack, whip or needle. This cruelty, in the name of Christ, reached an art that left Heydrich and Eichmann little to add for the Third Reich.

Historian Dagobert Runes writes,

The Spanish Inquisition gave birth to the phrase limpieza de sangre [meaning purity of blood]. The purity of blood was the major consideration in the racial background of the accused Jew. Those who could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had blood-pure Christian descent for three generations were doomed to a death of unspeakable horror.

It is to be noted that Hitler's blood-purity rule in which Germans had to prove they had no Jewish blood for three generations was clearly formulated by the Roman Church in Spain five hundred years before Hitler came to power.


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