<I think your post constitute an insult to the germans and a lack of respect for the members of the CNN forum.>

Really? How so?

<I strongly suggest that you apologize to the people of Germany>

I owe no apology to German people or the German government.

Germany, Vatican, European countries, the US and anyone that is remotely familiar with the Balkans - knew in advance and said it after the event - that premature recognition of Slovenia's and Croatia's unilateral and forceful secessions from the former Yugoslav federation - will bring civil war.

Look what NYT (Sunday, Dec 8, 1991) said just before Germany pushed Europe to recognize Slovenia and Croatia:

" Germans Follow Own Line on Yugoslav Republics by Stephen Kinzer

Historical Ties

Germany has long historical ties, both glorious and shameful, to Slovenia and Croatia. Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and many people there still identify with the German-speaking world. There has also been German influence in Croatia and during WW2, Croatia was ruled by a pro-Nazi regime.

This aspect of Croatian history, AND THE FACT THAT TUDJMAN GOVERNMENT HAS REFUSED TO DISASSOCIATE ITSELF FROM THE CROATIAN FASCISTS IN THE 1940's (caps for emphasis) has made European leaders unwilling to move quickly toward recognition."

I stand by my previous statement.

Sonia Myers