To: Preston Simpson

From: Raoul Arthur Raymond Newt

Date: 3/25/95

TB> I agree AIDS is a homo illness.. for sexaul imorality you will pay<<<

PS> It is also afflicting women, children, hemophiliacs, and the like. There is no one that this disease cannot kill, and it's sad that people such as yourself who are so closed-minded cannot see that.<<<<

Ah, but let us look at the statistics:

66% are from gay sexual encounters, 22% are from needles; and 6% are from unknown sources [as my doctors stated,

Yep, the facts are in folks. Aids is a gay disease.

BTW, my figures are from the CDC.

PS> Heterosexuals are getting the disease faster than homosexuals are. Look into the facts sometime.<<<<

Of course, but then you are ignoring the fact that the gay community is about 88% infected, and hence has no room to grow. This is part of the government lie, keep showing the % of gays getting infected until they are 100% infected, and then claim that the disease is under control.

If you believe this government lie, then i have a bridge to sell you between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Bible Man, G-d's word is the only answer ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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