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By- William Winter

DURING WORLD WAR II Croatia became a fascist state which it called Ustashi. Its terribly vicious, brutal secret police - the Ustashi, counterparts of the Nazi Gestapo - executed tens of thousands of Serbs, Jews and gypsies. Hiller's pal, Mussolini, who ruled just across the Adriatic in Italy, set up that regime, and issued orders to its puppet leader, Ante Pavelic.

One reason Serbs living in Croatia and Bosnia wanted their own state is that the leader of newly independent Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, immediately abolished the Yugoslav dinar and replaced it with - guess what? That old fascist WW II currency, the kuna ! That was the beginning.

And then, he brought back all the old fascist symbols of that old Ustashi regime. Imagine the reaction if Germans were to bring back the Swastika and began singing the Nazi "Horst Wesssel" song! That's certainly not likely to happen in today's democratic Germany. But bringing back the old fascist symbols did happen in the newly independent Croatia.

That sent fears through the Serb communities in Bosnia as well as Croatia. It brought back WW II memories of Pavelic going beyond his orders from Mussolini and Hitler. Not only did he join the Nazis in executing Serbs and Jews, but, at gunpoint, he forced thousands of Orthodox Serbs to convert to Roman Catholicism. Those who refused were shot.

The revived lurid memories of the WW II fascist Ustashi stirred ancient hatreds. When Croatia asserted its independence from Yugoslavia, apprehensive Serbs insisted on their independence from Croatia.

They argued that if Roman Catholic Croations achieved independence, Eastern Orthodox Serbs were entitled to independence, as well. Since Serbs are mostly farmers, their lands are much greater in acreage than those of the urbanized Croations. They refused to pay taxes on their farmlands to the Croatian government, declared independence, and called their new state, Krajina. In 1991, Tudjman sent his army to fight them, to force them to live under his rule. His army couldn't dislodge the Serbs then. But in these four years, that army has been built to giant proportions. Now we saw 100,000 Croatian [Roman] Catholic government troops overpowering the 50,000 Serb Orthodox troops in Krajina.

Croatian government official Peter Pasic demanded that the Serbs give up their independence, submit to Croatian rule. Or else, he warned, "Serbs will meet the same fate as Muslim refugees in Bosnia!" The powerful Croatian Army tackled Bosnian as well as Croatian Serbs. Unless there is quick intervention by Yugoslavia, odds are in their favor.

Watch out for "Greater Croatia !"

The Croatian war has been organized and directed by retired American generals! They joined the Croatian military, with the blessing of our Pentagon, and State Department! So that the U.S. must share responsibility. This seems to be "our" secret war !

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