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kraljevic_marko - 11:11pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#151 of 153)

(British) The Independent, October 21, 1991, foreign news, page 10, Excerpts from an article written by Phil Davidson.

Title: War raises old anxieties for Croatian Jews

THE SPECTATOR, March 19 1994, pages 16, 17, 18, Excerpts from an article by Kenneth Roberts

(Quotes:) The Croatian government has revived many of the paraphenalia of the Nazi puppet regime headed by Ante Pavelic in the early 1940s. STREETS AND SQUARES HAVE BEEN RENAMED AFTER USTASHA HEROES...

...Plans are well under way to REINSTATE the kuna, THE CURRENCY OF THE FASCIST STATE. THE CROATIAN FLAG ONCE AGAIN SPORTS SAHOVNICA, THE RED AND WHITE CHEQUERED SHIELD (!!!) WHICH SYMBOLIZED PAVELIC'S STATE - symbol which some... equate with a reunited Germany flying the swastika...

...It is less easy to explain that lack of international reaction to the RESURGENT FASCISM *SO EVIDENT* in the building of the new nation. British suggestions of economic sanctions on account of Croatia's military involvement in Bosnia have been repeatedly blocked by Germany... Germany is siding with Croatia... former partners in tourism and GENOCIDE. On the American side, THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE. SWASTIKAS, BLACK UNIFORMS, *RAPE AND PILLAGE* fade into insignificanse beside the demonic image the State Department has built for the Serbs. (End quote)

This is the same state that New York Times called "democratic" and "Western oriented".

This is the same state that wanted to grab Krajina, the Serbian land since 1578.

This is the same state that InterNazional Community insists the Serbs should "return" to.

Now, who - but United Nations, lead by the United States would insist that, as comparison, Jews should live under a flag with swastika on it!!??

gandamak - 11:20pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#152 of 153)

KRALJEVIC, Although I know that this might hurt you since your Serb nationality makes you biased without further explanation, but I tend to agree with Maulana. The last time I met a group of Serb women in Mostar was about a month ago, in April 1997. None of them had been raped. I also met Serb women in Montenegro, in Belgrade, in Pale, in Bijelina and Visegrad, in Sarajevo and in Konjic, and again none of them had been raped. As a contrast I met Muslim women in Mostar and Sarajevo who had not only been raped, but who had lost their husbands to arbitrary executions. Some of their children had been executed as well.

By the way, as my desire to remain objective brought me to Pale and Trebinje, I must mention that I saw no Muslims there despite my efforts to find them. They had all been ethnic cleansed. I think that when you call Maulana biased - you are just mirroring yourself, because you do not have the courage to face the truth, let alone the objectivity. I am none of your so called nationalities and I travelled all over and met them all. I am a lawer and a compassionate human being. That is all I am. Forgot to tell, I have God behind me. Not the one that Karadzic the Evil is worshipping in the Evil Church in Pale, no I mean the God that the rest of the world believes in.

gandamak - 11:32pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#153 of 153)

IVETIL, I am not a Serb, nor a Croat or a Muslim. I have probably seen more of the war than you have. You are a Serb and you spend time on this forum defending the genocide committed by the Serbs, rather than working with human rights groups against the war criminals. Aren't you a bit biased then. And also a bit inhuman and ignorant. Who beleives what a Serb says to defend a Serb? None who seeks objective would, let alone someone who has seen the genocide being committed on spot. Don't waste your time defending the Serb cause, none will beleive you. May Slobo and Radovan will. The Ottomans were Turks, not Bosnian Muslims. If the Indians would committ genocide of all British people, would that be justified because of the British rule of India. Learn the ethics of humanity, and not the myths of the Serbs, before going on this line.