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gandamak - 10:44pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#147 of 153)

FLORIJAN: You sound as if you were a Croat. You seem very emotionally attached to what you say. You seem extremely upset and uncontrolled. Given the above, do you expect me or anyone else who is not a Croat to believe you? Your objectivity has already been defeated by yourself. My dear friend, I am not of any of the so called nationalities of the former Yugoslavia. I am a lawyer who lived and worked in Bosnia for years during the war. By training, I am used to separate false accusations from true statements.

The Ustashas - The Facists, live on in Bosnia my dear. The symbol for the Ustashas = U is displayed on many of the demolished Muslim homes in Mostar. Have you seen East Mostar? I have lived there during the war. When the Muslims were subjected to ethnic cleansing 1993, the armed Ustahas drove them out from the house on the western side of the river, forced them to run through snipers and gunfire (all civilian elderly, children, men and women) while beating them and kicking them, The Muslims were forced to cross the river. Those who did not make it were killed.

One elderly lady had no more strength to run and fell just before crossing. Her husband turned around to life her up and carry her across, he was not allowed - by the Ustashas. He was beaten and kicked to proceed alone across the river. He never saw his wife again. My dear friend, close your eyes and imagine that this had been you and this was your wife. Do you feel compassion? Are all the emotions that you displayed in your own letter to the forum now being channelled into compassion for this Muslim couple. Do you feel a need to defend their rights, as a spokesperson for humanity or for God, or just your own conscience. If you feel all those feelings. I shall apologize for my initial lines of this letter. If you do not feel those feelings then; YOU are an Ustasha and as guilty as all the Croat murders in Mostar, Stolac, Capljina. I met them. Did you? You either met an Ustasha in Mostar or in Hell.

gandamak - 10:59pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#148 of 153)

PRIBICH: I understand the anger you might feel towards the Croats. However, your intense anger, displayed in your big fonts to sort of scream out to everyone how angry you are, indicates that you are a Serb. As such, I doubt your objectivity too. I have been to Pale, Foca, Bijelina, Banja Luka ...I have seen it all. In 1995, I spend a long time in Banja Luka. You know what happend when I was there? An elderly Muslim couple was stabbed to death with a fork. Helpless, aged and unable to defend themselves. Serb Cetniks killed them. The entire Eastern Bosnia, nowadays referred to RS, has been completely ethnic cleansed of Muslims (and the few Croats who lived there).

One Muslim lady was continiously raped for two years, while detained in a brothel in Foca utilized by the Bosnian Serb Army. Many young Muslim women were detained in this brothel. I met quite a few of them. You tell me that Karadic is a man of ethics? He is a MONSTER!!!! Some Serbs are nice (as are some Croats), but the Cetniks in Bosnia and the MADMAN in Belgrade have destroyed the Serb reputation forever deep in the gap of mankind. But, after all, they chose their leaders. So no mercy on the Cetnik Serbs at all. You either meet a Cetnik in Pale or when you arrive in Hell. Knowing the mentality of the Serbs and Croats, I would not be surprised if you and Florijan would become the best friends after these two letters of mine. Evil seeks evil.

avoice - 11:06pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#149 of 153)

Changing the subject for just a second from personal name calling and invective, some of my favorite topics, I read in the LA Times the other day that the US is training Bosnian troops and arming them too. Personally I think this is very bad idea.

kraljevic_marko - 11:08pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#150 of 153)


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... the chance is - it is a duck!

Today's Independent State of Croatia has the same:

- Name - Flag - National Emblem - National Anthem - Currency - Uniforms (Nazi black shirts) - Pure blooded police - Nazi terminology of WWII

State sponsored atrocities toward Serbian civilians are the same.

The documentation of the above is voluminous. Some of the quotes can be found at the link presented. I will reproduce here only a small portion.

Famous Nazi hunter - Wiesenthal's periodical RESPONSE, published the following article already in Avgust 1990 (Vol. 11, No 3, Circ. 376,280, Page 9): (Have in mind that this was printed a YEAR *BEFORE* the war in Yugoslavia broke out!)

Title: Embracing the Brutalities of the Past

Short Excerpts (quote): In Croatia, dangerous signals are appearing on the political landscape Croatian President Franjo Tudjman and his conservative, nationalist party recently won majority in the Croatian Parliament. Tudjman, one of the authors of the "Jasenovac Myth", reduces the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust from six million to one million, and states that historical data about Jasenovac is "inflated". He further wrote of alledged "PARTICIPATION OF JEWS IN THE LIQUIDATION OF GYPSIES IN JASENOVAC," AND ACCUSED JEWS OF HAVING TAKEN "THE INICIATIVE IN PREPARING AND PROVOKING NOT ONLY INDIVIDUAL ATROCITIES BUT ALSO *MASS SLAUGHTER* OF NON-JEWS, Communists, Partisans and Serbs." ...

... Meanwhile, the new Croatian Democratic Union (CDU) government has taken steps to form a special police force made up of "PURE CROATS WITHOUT MIXTURE OF OTHER BLOOD"... (End quote)


Guardian Weekly, an article printed in London, on December 1, 1991, written by Professor Nora Beloff (She covered events in Balkans for many decades for the British press).

Title: Hope and history in Yugoslavia

(Quote:) In Croatia the ex-partisan general Franjo Tudjman was elected president. He had fallen out with Tito and served two prison sentences on charges of nationalism. By the time I first met him in 1980, he was already PATHOLOGICALLY ANTI-SERB. He has allowed himself to be SURROUNDED BY USTASHA simpathisers, many of them returning from Canada and Australia.

Tudjman armed his followers, and though they were unable to break into the all-Serb regions, which were ferociously defended, in areas of Croat majority they made life for Serbs impossible. With jobs denied and homes burnt down, TENS OF THOUSANDS FLED LONG BEFORE THE FEDERAL ARMY AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY INTERVENED...

...Zagreb simply turned its back on the past. TODAY AGAIN, THE USTASHA FLAG HAS BEEN RAISED (!!!!!!).....

...The internal borders which we treat as permanent fiture of Yugoslavia were in reality drawn up secretly by Tito's men in 1943 and were designed as ADMINISTRATIVE boundaries... (End quoute)

A bit more in the next message.