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florijan - 07:24pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#144 of 153)

- Sooner or later Serbs will have to give back Vojvodina! Your "Anschluss" is only temporary!

- Do not hide behind WWII!!!!!!!! Croats themselves fought agianst Ustase! And do not talk about Ustase now! They were ALL killed at Bleiburg in death marches, when the WWII officially ended, in May 1945, by Serbian Partisans (who were Chetniks until few months ago)

- so, do not accuse Ustase now for anything! Croatian people and others in former SRFJ were simply fed up with Serbian freeloading! Now Serbs will have to work for themselves like everybody else! No more administering other peoples' money with your sticky hands! How cleverly you were accusing Albanians for squandering money received for development ... the poor guys never even saw a penny of the money, everything lgot stuck in Belgrade!

- if you speak Serbian and if you read newspapers BEFORE the Serbian aggression( in order to save the "juicy bone of Yugoslavia for themselves") you know how INSULTING Politika, Borba, Vecernje novosti ... everybody in Serbia was writing against EVERYBODY else, all other nations of the former SFRJ ... it was the Serbian ultranationalism that broke this last Yugoslavia! - you thought it was time to finally finalize the Greater Serbia? As soon as you diverted from Titoism, you were GONE! And you can thank for that to the stupid Garasanin-like ideology, outdated for at least a century! How could that commie banker from Belgrade think that he could replace Tito and be Chetnik at the same time!?

- All the troubles on the Balkans started because of Sebia; and that only when Crna ruka (Apis) killed Obrenovic and Draga (his concubine); even before that Serbia was under total Russian influence (since Russia helped S. free itself from Turks - and that lasted the whole 19th century!) and totally dependent on Russia, and still only partially autonomous of Turkey! From then on Serbia was acting against its own better interests, for Czarist Russia, to destroy or weaken Austria or Turkey ...

- silently, Serbia ANNEXED Vojvodina! that has to be corrected!

- and these Serbian aggresive actions against Croatia are needless and strange! Don't you know that the people who were running Croatia are/were your friends, Croatian communists who fought against their own people to HELP SERBS! Perhaps the word TRAGEDY should be used here: Serbian Chetnik ideology destroyed alliance and friendship with a nation with whom you should have cooperated in friendship, equality, mutual respect ... someone very similar to you - you Chetnik fools!

- AMERICAN AVIATORS in WWII: only a fool would not spare their lives when it was clear who was winning the war! Why, even Ustase tried to make a deal with the Allies by returning several American pilots to the Allies in Italy ... - During the war Serbia had a fascist, puppet government, no better than that of Croatia! And your fascists killed and boasted about it to Hitler ... So, shut up with Ustase! If therer had been no Ustase, you would have invented them, that is how handy they come to you now to cover up your aggression ...

- How many Croats were killed and kicked out of "krajina" in the four years you tried to provoke Croatia to hasten into retaliatory actions against Serbs (like in WWII)?

- out of 10,000 policemen in Croatia before the war more than 9,000 were Serbs!

- Serbs collected, under threat, all the arms from Croatian Territorial defece units ... Croatia was DISARMED and any stories of how Serbs were without protection were lies ... lies ... lies .... BUT: Tko pod drugim jamu kopa, sam u nju pada!

pribich - 09:32pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#145 of 153)

Re: florijan - Jun 6, 1997 Msg. #144

"... So, shut up with Ustase! If therer had been no Ustase, you would have invented them,..."

Unfortunately for Serbs we didn't have to invent them. Please look at these Serb children killed by the Ustashe in WWII and tell us whether you'd keep quiet if those were Croat children slain by Serbs. And please tell us what kind of creatures kill children, for they are certainly not humans.

pribich - 10:42pm Jun 6, 1997 EST (#146 of 153)

Re: florijan - Jun 6, 1997 Msg. #144

"... So, shut up with Ustase! If therer had been no Ustase, you would have invented them,..."

Tell us what kind of creatures would pose for a photo while cutting this Serb's head off with a saw in WWII.

Please don't tell us that your Ustashe were humans.