The fact is, The most influential [toward government] sectors of organized "christianity" HAVE sought to "foment ignorance in the public schools" and an example of that is the FACT that with "friend of the court" briefs,influential sectors of organized "christianity" FAVORED the teaching of secular EVOLUTION.

Ya got that ?

The most influential [toward government] sectors of organized "christian" religion SUPPORT the teaching of secular EVOLUTION.

The Christian Century

April 12, 1989

page 381

Review of-

Creationism on Trial: Evolution and God at Little Rock

By Langdon Gilkey

Pub by Harper and Row 1985 ISBN- 0-86683-780-9

.......... [1985] continues his autobiography as theology.

It describes his involvement in the trial that challenged the constitutionality of the Arkansas law prescribing the teaching of 'scientific creationism' in public schools.

He examines the conflicts between some scientists and religious leaders, observing the ironies that distinguished this trial from the Scopes trial a half-century earlier.

In the Arkansas trial the suit was filed by an ecclesiastical coalition, while the defense called scientists to support the 'scientific creationist' theory.

The religious leaders argued for the nonpreferential treatment of their religious traditions, while the scientists sought to expand the aegis of science to include the religiously based premises of 'scientific creationism.'


Review by Joseph L. Price

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