Subject: Evidence for "your god..

To: David Worrell

From: Ken Wiens

Date: 12/11/94

KW> that won't accept any kind of evidence. Also, he doesn't damn anyone because He didn't provide evidence.<<<<<

DW>I'm assuming that you are implying God has provided some evidence. If this is the case, please post this evidence <<<<

Sure. No problem. I'll start out being very succinct. As the discussion continues, if it does, we can go into as much detail on the evidence as you care to. Since a large number of participants in this Conference are fond of the powers of science to reveal truth, I'll start in that category. I have a book in my hands at the moment I happened upon in the library yesterday. I wasn't looking for it. It was on the "New Books" shelf. The title of the book is Evidence of Purpose and it is edited by John Marks Templeton. Continuum Books. New York. 1994.

It contains a series of essays by scientists who teach at major universities and their views on this whole business of God and science. Not all of them are christians by any means. None of them are Creationists of the ICR variety. They all believe, however, that the very design, detailed and complex order in this universe demands that there is some sort of Super Intelligence behind it all.

I'll start out with a small quote from Owen Gingrich, Professor of Astronomy and the History of Science at Harvard University. He writes:

I'll start with this. As I said, we can go into as much detail as you so desire on this subject. I'm finding quite a number of leading scientists in various scientific disciplines coming to the very conclusion recently. Do you object to this line of evidence? If so, why?

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