Hopefully, your very presence in a Bible echo is evidence of your seeking for God. If it is, God will "show up" for YOU in God's own good timing.

"Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you". Matt. 7:7

Think Time magazine is a "fundy" publication ?

Here's a tidbit for you to consider from a special Time magazine did re: their ideas of the future.

Extracted From: Time magazine

Fall 1992 Special Issue


Page 61


By Richard N. Ostling

AS THE YEAR 2092 dawns,...

[---------] It seems amazing now that there was a time when science was supposedly the "enemy" of faith, and religion was deemed hostile to technological investigation. The end of atheism and agnosticism became inevitable as soon as computer calculations made improbable the odds that random natural selection could be the sole explanation for the ever increasing intricacies found in biology.

Equally influential was the discovery of multiple universes, which astronomers found at the macrocosmic level and physicists detected in the microcosmic. Science thus established the current Age of Faith, re-creating the Creator.

Nowadays, only the fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” The question now becomes ‘which’ God; the amorphous Soul of fashionable cults, the antiseptic First Principle of science, or the personal God who still inspires awe and commands commitment ?


Every day modern science reveals a bit more of the awesome handiwork of God.

Extracted From: Time magazine 17 January, 1994

page 46-50



New technology enables us to improve on nature.

How far should we go ?


DISSOLVED IN A TEST TUBE, THE essence of life is a clear liquid.

[--------- full article availible upon request --------]

This thread of life, of course, is deoxyribonucleic acid, the spiral-staircase-shape molecule found in the nucleus of cells. Scientists have known since 1952 that DNA is the basic stuff of heredity. They've known its chemical structure since 1953.

They know that human DNA acts like a biological computer program some 3 BILLION BITS LONG that spells out the instructions for making proteins, the basic building blocks of life.

[---- do computer programs randomly "evolve" ? ---]

Like Silicon Valley pirates reverse-engineering a computer chip to steal a competitor's secrets, genetic engineers are decoding life’s molecular secrets and trying to use that knowledge to reverse the natural course of disease. DNA in their hands has become both a blueprint and a drug,.........

[--- do computer chips and blueprints just randomly happen ? ---]

The human body contains 100 trillion cells There is a nucleus inside each human cell (except red blood cells) Each nucleus contains 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs One chromosome of every pair is from each parent The chromosomes are filled with tightly coiled strands of DNA Genes are segments of DNA that contain instructions to make proteins - the building blocks of life -


Just "evolved" ? No way.

IMHO, of course.

With best wishes, John