Subject: Did God Write The Bible ?

To: Andy Fountain

From: Ron Stringfellow

Date: 8/23/96

Hello Andy,

AF> There are 4 points here: life thermodynamics faith and evolution. First, li comming from non-life. Viruses are tenetic matterial surrounded by a protein coat. They are alive because they can replicate. Once the genetic matterial is surrounded by a carbon coat then it is life. Genetic matterial is simply amino acids in a sequence producing replication. So this life did come from nonlife.<<<<

There is no such thing as tenetic material.

There are no viruses that did not come of life. All forms of life have been scientifically proven to have come from another form of life. A parent. Regardless of how minute that life is.

The protein surrounding it is Capsid. The individual virion consist of nucleic acid such as DNA or RNA but not both. You say they are alive because they can replicate- they cannot replicate without a live host cell. IOW, their life comes from life.

As to your comment regarding amnino acids.

Life requires much more than amino acids. It requires protein which is made up of molecules constructed of amino acids. However, the probability of what you are suggesting would be 10 to the 67th power. Amino aicds combining to form the necessary proteins by undirected means is virtually impossible. Scientist, for years, have attempted to do so in the lab and are still unsuccessful.

In fact, to the contrary, researchers have proven, beyond question, that even the simplest known form of life could never have begun without first being designed and assembled by an outside hihgly intelligent life.

Paul Erbrich (evolutionist), On the Probability of the Emergence of a Protein with a Particular Function, Acta Biotheoretica, Vol 34(1985) pp. 53-80 wrote

IOW, Andy someone has sold you a package. Someone has told you a half-truth and a half-lie. I know the author of the half-lie.

AF>However, if life didn't come from non-life then how did god get her Or maybe you are saying that god is not alive. Please show me any data tha proves that god could exist eternally. Please show me any data that shows that god exists. I don't mean your questions. They don't prove that god exists. The very best they do is show that we don't know what happened but that does not prove god's existance. <<<

AF> Thermodynamics does say that entropy occurs. However, it only occurrs no energy is put into the system. Since fusion produces energy on the sun and it is a continuing process, this keeps the solar system going. Therefore, entropy does not occur. You have an energy input. Also, entropy only occurs in a closed system. The earth is not a closed system. Therefore, the 2nd law of thermodynamics does not work the way you are saying it does. Also, if everything tended toward <<<

Let's take the supposition that our earth is an open system. If energy helped create our planet life then let's compare a living plant with a dead one. can the simple addition of energy make a completely dead plant live? NO, just the opposite The heat of the sun only speeds the disorganization process. Further-

Further, while our earth may be conceived to be in a Open System, our universe exist in a closed system and ultimately as a result and an explanation for what men like Ross observed so then does earth becme a closed system.

In the Game of Energy and Thermodynamics You Can't Even Break Even, Smithsonian Institution Jornal (June 1970), p.6

Our solar system is a closed system. Do scientist not teach us that our sun is burning out ?

Dozens of differnet observers at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and independantly at the U. S. Naval have Observatory have participated in direct visual measurements of the sun since 1836. This data indicates a continuing decrease in the sun's diameter.

John Eddy (astrophysicst with the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and High Altitude Observatory in Boulder) reports that the sun is shrinking at a rate of 10 miles per year or .1% per century.

AF> disorganization then so would god. Even if the 2nd law of thermodynamics worked the way you say this still does not prove that there is a god. again would say I don't know. <<<

NO, it would prove that nothing evolves to a greater stage such as evolution tries unsuccessfully to prove.

AF> The 3rd point about faith. Faith is an invalid construct. It along with belief have no rational or credible basis. If you look up faith and belief you will find that they refer to each other in a loop. I don't have any faith. I base my conclusion <<<

That is where you are greatly deceived for you have subscribed to the false doctrine of your scientist.

AF> on facts. Religion is devoid of any proof or facts of any kind. ...... <<<

You say that you base your conclusion upon facts. I ask you what facts and you will probably respond with science facts. Every scientist I have ever spoken with has admitted that they are not 100% facts and are susceptible to being disproven at any minute making them theories. THAT, they say is what a fact is.

You will never disprove God.