Subject: sin & the sinner To: Graham Kendall From: Terry Carney

Date: 12/23/94 Graham Kendall wrote in a message to Terry Carney:

GK> "right" to suite your theological needs. I guess the people on the Middle Ages who burned people at the stake really "loved" them and it was their "right" as God's<<

I find it amazing that those who do not believe seem to have a built-in "radar", and can immediately pick out a "christian" who is not acting like a christian. They seem to know intuitively how a christian should act and will endeavour to point out that fact.

Yet, they will use the examples of those ill-behaving "christians" as examples of why they reject christianity .

In other words:

When christians act in an "unchristian" manner they are rejected because they behave in a way that is inconsistent to what unbelievers know Jesus to have taught.

When christians do act in a manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus the first group is then dragged out as "evidence" against them, to impugn their character.

GK> I have NEVER me a Christian who had a general opposition to genocide, slavery, and baby slaughter.

God can do what He wishes with His creation, it belongs to Him. Those who trust Him, do. Those who don't trust Him "choke" on His sovereignty and His RIGHT to do whatever He wishes.


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