Subject: Creation answers (e)

To: Cheryl Mullen

From: Laurie Appleton

Date: 6/29/96

Hi Cheryl, (Re: yours of 25-Jun-1996, "Creation Answers")

MW> a second away from eternity, whatever we think it is, we could die happier if our last discussions were more civil. <<<

A good point!

CM> I prefer to die free of blinders, and live without soporific mental pap.<<<

I agree with you there and that is why I find evolution such an unscientific metaphysical tragedy, where solid mature scientists point out that;

(New Challenging "Introduction" to the Origin of Species Everyman Library No. 811 (1956), Prof. W.R. Thompson, FRS. p. 5)

Fancy dying with a belief that is based on such fiction and wild conjectures - "fragile towers of hypotheses". In fact, fancy dying at all, if there is a rational hope for something better.

CM> Civility is always conditional upon not imposing one's own prejudices on others. <<

That is what is so tragic about imposing evolution on most students and the population via "education" and the media when Darwin admitted that;

(Charles Darwin, "On the imperfection of the geological record", Chapter X, The Origin of Species, J.M.Dent & Sons Ltd, London, 1971, pp.292-293.)

(Dr David M.Raup (Curator of Geology, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago), Conflicts between Darwin and paleontlogy. Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, vol.50 (1), January 1979, p.25.)

What an appalling theory and philosophy to "die for", because even if it was correct, you wind up just as hoplessly dead anyway!


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