Subject: Creation

To: Graham Kendall

From: David Zaikos

Date: 3/21/95

In article 'Creation', Graham Kendall wrote:

GK> And you have proof of this. That's something--all of these claims (many of exceed logic), and many of which have no proof to support. The scientific community has found significant numbers of hominid fossils tying modern humans to earlier primates. It is logical that humans came from their ancestors all through time back to the first cell. Animals and humans without ancestors if not good history, science or logic. <<<

Now.. I'm in the process of doing research for an essay to disprove Evolution, Intervention, etc. While providing PROOF that Creationism is true. Okay.. So people evolved from one cell? Kewl.. Oh wait.. that doesn't work for me. Let me tell you why.

1) The simplest cell known to mankind contains as many pieces of data as there are letters in the world's largest library. (Trillions) All of which function and work together in perfect harmony.

2) Amno acids couldn't survive long enough to mix with other things and produce "life". Why? Because of our oxygen atmosphere. Ok.. So you say, maybe there wasn't that much oxygen? Well, what other situation would you put this chemical in? Any and all situations would have hindered its ability to produce life.

Still not convinced? Okay.. Let's look at "man's ancestors" as you call them.

Heidelberg Man: Built from a jaw bone that was conceded by many to be quite human.

Nebraska Man: Scientifically built up from ONE TOOTH, later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig.

Piltdown Man: The jawbone turned out to belong to a modern ape. This "man" was put together by scientists (who probably realized that the "missing link" wouldn't be found) and thus they created it. It was proved to be a total fraud.

Peking Man: Supposedly 500,000 years old, but all evidence as disappeared.

Neanderthal Man: This "man" was proved to be a modern man, with some medical problem such as arthritis.

New Guinea Man: Dates away back to 1970. This species has been found in the region just north of Australia.

Cro-Magnon Man: One of the earliest and best established fossils is at least equal in physique and brain capacity to modern man... so what's the diff?

Modern Man: This genius thinks we came from a monkey.

"Professing themselves to be wise they became fools." Romans1:22

And what about transitional forms? Why are there no fossils of "in between species." I can tell you that none have been found. Wouldn't it make sense that if we're digging up fossils we'd find fossils of cats & dogs and dats & cogs? But no, we can clearly divide them.

And why have we never observed one species changing into another?

I think that you should consider the life. It's complexities. Think of how complexly{sp} the heart, the ear, the eye all work together and perfectly. After over 100 years, the missing link for evolution, is still missing. The mathematical odds of the human body occuring by chance are virtually impossible to calculate. The Bible tells us that man is without excuse, for all around him he can see the evidence of a Creator God.

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