Subject: cosmic evidence of God

To: Robert Curry

From: Michael Hardy

Date: 12/16/94

Robert, I'm gonna back up and try this again.

Dr. John Polkinghorne, a physicist, writes:

Now before you retreat into your standard line of defense, note very carefully what Polkinghorne is saying.

He is NOT saying that for the universe to exist *just the way it is* requires beating unimaginable odds. He is saying that such odds must be beaten if the universe is to exist *at all.*

Gravity and expansion, at the instant of the Big Bang, have to differ from a 1:1 ratio by no more than 1 over 1 followed by 60 zeroes, or *nothing* happens.

All of this is before we ever get to the rapid rise of life on earth and the rapid evolution of the hominid brain, which I contend are also evidence of God. But for the moment, they aren't even relevant. Here, in black and white from a scientist who is very much within his specialty, you are told that the chances of *any* kind of life-producing universe from the Big Bang are almost nil ... and yet it happened. If this were an argument over anything else, you would be quick to concede that this is prima facie evidence of an intelligence.

If you see a painting, you deduce a painter. A house, and you assume there is an architect. The universe?

Frankly Robert, if you can look at the above statement and still insist that it must have happened by coincidence, then you have much more faith than I ever will.

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