Associated Press

September 20, 1996

GLASGOW, Scotland -- Leaders of Scotland's Roman Catholic Church, angered by a wayward bishop, expressed sympathy Friday for a woman who had a son with the priest and shared his secret for 15 years.

Senior church officials called on Roderick Wright, the 56-year-old former Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, to come out of hiding.

Wright dropped out of sight 11 days ago, apparently with a woman named Kathleen Macphee whom he had counseled after her divorce. He resigned on Monday.

Another woman, 48-year-old Joanna Whibley, told the BBC on Thursday that Wright had fathered her 15-year-old son, Kevin.

The Scottish Catholic Church confirmed that Wright was the boy's father.

Cardinal Thomas Winning, leader of Scotland's Catholics, said in an interview published Friday in The Herald newspaper.

Fellow priests expressed feelings of betrayal at Wright's disappearance, possibly with Ms. Macphee.

The cardinal said he and Archbishop Keith O'Brien had confronted the bishop three years ago over rumors of a liaison.

Winning said that because of the denial, he felt "doubly abandoned" by the bishop.

At St. Columba's Cathedral in Oban, which had been Wright's seat, the Rev. Sean MacAulay spoke of "sorrow and shock" as he conducted a morning service.

MacAulay told a congregation of about 50 people. Wright, he later said, was