The Western world's supreme arbiter of "morality" is the papacy.

[which explains the hypocrisy of the "morality" of "Christendom."]

Arbitrating "morality" is the papacy's claim to fame.

Re "American" policy, what the papacy says is "moral" or "immoral"

matters more than what 50 million common Americans think.

"A few weeks ago I was privileged to spend some time with

His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, when he came to America.

At the very end of our meeting, the Pope looked at me and said,

Mr. President, you must not let it end with a war in Sarajevo.""

Excerpt from Jesuit educated United States of America President William Clinton's 27 Nov.1995 TV address to the nation regarding his decision to send US groundtroops to Bosnia.

In connection with seeking to persuade America of the correctness

of sending soldiers to a war zone,

has any previous president cited desire to please "His Holiness" ?

Of course, Ronald Reagan did state that his C.and S. American policies in were in harmony with the wishes of "His Holiness." And, the 24 February 1992 Time magazine cover story "HOLY ALLIANCE" is a good primer re - Ronald Reagan's alliance with "His Holiness" in regard to Poland and the cold war in general.

And, Roman Catholic John Kennedy [Clinton's hero] did more than any other single person, except possibly Cardinal Spellman, to get the USA into the war in Vietnam to support a dictatorial RC ruling class.

[Don't get me started on Cardinal Spellman, JFK, and Vietnam]

Western mass media told us that that due to shared religion, Orthodox Russians favor Orthodox Serbs, and, Western mass media told us that that due to shared religion, Moslems world-wide favor Bosnian Moslem, and, Croatia is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, but, Western mass media never hints that due to shared religion, high level Roman Catholics in the governments of W.Europe and the USA could be biased in favor of Croatia.

We peasants are supposed to believe that the Vatican and lovable old Mr.'Holy' don't favor Croat expansion, and don't exert political pressure in favor of Croat expansion, but, Clinton's mention of the pope in his speech tonight is evidence of where the Vatican stands in this.

Well, that's what the nonRCs of the USA get for ignoring the ramifications of the dual loyalty status of Roman Catholics,

From- The Churchman's Human Quest

Nov.-Dec., 1995

pg 17

Protestant churches and organizations in Croatia have protested against a proposed law which they claim is undemocratic and will discriminate against the country's smaller religious denominations. The churches complain that the new law, combined with a special agreement to he signed between the Vatican and the Croatian Government, are giving the Roman Catholic Church a privileged position at odds with Croatia's constitution which forbids discrimination on the basis of religion.

One church leader said the Roman Catholic Church was becoming a "State church." According to the Zagreb press, the new agreement with the Vatican will make Roman Catholic religious education compulsory in state-run schools, and a "Catholic military vicarate" will be established within the Croatian army. Stanko Jambrek, a pastor and secretary of the Protestant Evangelical Council said that the new law could bring about "religious cleansing" of the republic.

A Croatian journalist has already predicted that the law will turn almost 30 religious denominations into "mostly outlawed sects."


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