February 14, 1990

Associated Press

BEIRUT, Lebanon-Gen. Michel Aoun's gunners and Samir Geagea's Lebanese Forces today fought with howitzers and mortars in east Beirut and in Kesrouan province north of the capital. Police said two people were killed.

The latest deaths raised the toll from the 16-day, intra-Christian showdown to 515. By police count, 1,724 people have been wounded since the confrontation for mastery of the 310 square-mile Christian enclave broke out Jan. 30.


"MARONITE ROMAN CATHOLIC" is the accurate identity of the warring factions,... however, to smear Christianity, and to protect the image of the pope [who is the spiritual head of MARONITE ROMAN CATHOLICISM] mass media labels the murderous factions as "Christian" and high level "Christian" leaders don't even challenge this deliberate deception.