From: Elliott Finesse

Date: 2/27/96

In Ventura, David L. Campos, a convicted child molester was arrested At the King's Chapel for failing to register as a sex offender, and on suspicion of molesting 2 girls in bible study class. His Pastor, Gary Rice was also arrested, charged with felony obstruction for trying to prevent the girls from testifying. San Luis Telegram-Tribune 7/16/92

In Wisconsin a $1,000,000 law suit was filed against the Milwaukee Diocese by a woman accusing Rev. M. Hayes of enticing her into a sexual relationship. In Minnesota 2 Catholic dioceses were ordered to pay punitive damages of 187,000 for ignoring repeated evidence of child abuse by a Priest. Records show that the priest was moved from parish to parish despite evidence of his offences.

A couple more In St. Paul, a suit was filed against Sister Georgene Stuppy for homosexual contact with a minor.

In Montana a suit was filed against priest Wilson F. Smart by 2 plaintiffs alleging molestation, rape, and ponography, over an 8 year period while they were alter boys.

All the above came from public records and newspapers and is only a fraction of what I could have included. Make no mistake. This is an on-going and very serious problem in the Catholic and many other churches. My point is not to indict any religion, but to point out that,for the most part, these people are in NO position preaching to anyone about values or about putting "prayer back in the schools." A lot of good prayer did them!

If this activity occured within any other organization or group - other than "Christian" churches - what do you think public reaction would be?

Here is a partial list of criminal sexual charges and convictions against Catholic and Protestant clergy IN JUST ONE 6 MONTH PERIOD.



Rev. G. Raffaeta: sexual molestation of teenage boys


Rev. T. Chleboski: sexual molestation of 13 yr.old boy (30 yr. sentence) Minister B.Manifold: sexual molestation of 2 boys


Rev. G. Cooley: sexual molestation of 4 boys Rev. R. Hill: sexual molestation w/17 yr.old boy H. McClellan: rape of 3 preteen boys (70-175 yr sentence) New Jersey Rev. T. Pisick: sexual assault


Rev. J. T. Burtchaell, Chair of Theology, Notre Dame: Sexual harassment Pastor J.Battig: child pornography Rev. D. Smith: child molestation


Archbishop A. Stanford: sexual molestation of 2 teen age boys


Rev. T. White: rape of 2 girls (15 yr. sentence) Pastor C.Harris:17 counts of making phone calls threatening rape/murder


Rev. R. Walls: sexual molestation of 15 yr. old boy Rev. G. Hallock: sexual molestation of seven 4-15 yr.olds (72 yr.sentence) Rev. D.Butler: sexual molestation of 11 yr.old girl


Christian counselor D.DeLauter: sexual assault of mentally retarded (50 yrs.)


R.G. Horton: molestation & sodomy of two 10 yr.old boys


Minister C. Richards: torture, rape, kidnapping (40 yr. sentence)

New York

Rev. J.Howard: rape & molestation of 10 & 4 yr.old girls


Rev.H. Slade: criminal sexual abuse

Various locations

Ministers Richard, Ron, & Don McCary, (brothers): Various offences including rape, oral sex, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated rape, sexual molestation - all with children. Richard has been convicted 3 times (2 yrs, 6 yrs, 3 yrs.) since 1981 and is currently a fugitive. Ron plead guilty to aggravated rape in 1991 and is serving a 25 yr. sentence. Don was indicted on 24 child molestation charges last November.


8/91 19 Christian Brothers: charged with sexual abuse of preteen boys (largest sex scandal in Canadian History)

12/91 Jesuit Priest P. Kelly: fled country after charged with molestation of 9 year old girl

12/91 Rev. B. Ball:1st degree sexual assault of preteen boy

Fall/91 Rev. K. Keeler: 3 counts of indecent assault of teenage boys

12/91 Father R. Caparelli: 54 counts including indecent assault and sexually abuse of 13 yr.old boy

5/91 Pastor V. Williams: molestation & rape of an 11 yr.old girl

9/91 Rev. G. Carr: sexual assault of a 16 yr. old boy

9/91 Rev. S. Apthrop: rape of a girl under 14

In Massachusetts Former Priest, James R. Porter is accused of sexually assaulting at least 70 boys and some girls 30 years ago and the number of victims may be as high as 250 or more. Porter is accused of raping the victims when they were 10 and 11 years old. One victim Dennis Gaboury, 41 who flew out to Boston to press charges said

Gaboury was raped as an alter boy. The priest took him into his office, locked the door, sat him on his lap, and raped him for nearly 2 hours. Father Porter warned:

Victim John Robitaille, now 43 said

Judy Mullet said Porter raped her several times when she was 10 or 11.

How did the church react?

The Diocese of Fall River complained about

The diocese of Boston offered to refer the victims to other priests for counseling. The Catholic Church, especially, has a long track record of shielding priests from the law. They have paid out nearly 1/2 billion dollars in civil damages and punitive damages for gross misconduct in shielding priests and even allowing them to continue their conduct.

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