From- February 27, 1987


By PETER HEBBLETHWAITE Vatican Affairs Writer Oxford, England

GRAHAM GREENE, 82, Feb. 16 made what may turn out to be the most remarkable speech of his life. With Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev listening intently, Greene called for an end to the antagonism between communists and Catholics. Karl Marx, he pointed out, had condemned Henry VIII for destroying monastic life in England.

Speaking in the Hall of the Supreme Soviet in the heart of the Kremlin, he recounted an old man's dream. Before he died, he said, he hoped to see 'a Soviet ambassador giving good advice at the Vatican.' He went on, 'In the last 15 years, I have spent a great deal of time in Latin America, and there those suspicions [between Catholics and communists] are dead and buried.

Catholics and communists are fighting together against the death squads in El Salvador, against the contras in Nicaragua and against General [Augusto] Pinochet in Chile.

'The dream I have is that this cooperation between Catholics and communists will spread and prolong itself in Europe West and East.'


[See Greene, page 15]


GRAHAM GREENE says Roman Cathoics are fighting

the "death squads," the contras, and General Pinochet.

He's right.

What he hopes people ignore,

is that the "death squads," the contras, and General Pinochet

are as "Roman Catholic" as the Roman Catholics that oppose them.

The war Green describes was and is being waged between

Traditionalist-"old fashioned-pre-Vatican II" era RCs

were taught by the RC cult that communism was

[in the words of Pat Buchanan's brother Henry]

not merely alien, but "diabolical".

[see 'The New Republic' article on Pat Buchanan, dated around 1987]

William Casey, head of the CIA under Reagan,

was a right-wing "Knight of Malta" Roman Catholic.

Casey is the man most credited with masterminding and sustaining Cardinal Bravo's contras.

Newsweek reported the contras called Cardinal Bravo, "their cardinal."

America, under Jimmy Carter, sided with the "Sandinistas"

against "Traditionalist" Roman Catholic Somoza.

THEN, under Ronald Reagan, America sided with the

"Traditionalist" - "Contra" Roman Catholics against

the Jesuit-"Liberation Theology" "Sandinista" Roman Catholics.