August 1996


1] Four page letter

2] return addressed envelope

3] list of all Roman Catholic members of Congress and how they voted on recent abortion vote

4] a "Petition to the Senate"

5] three post-cards addressed to senators and president

6] papal prayer to "Blessed Virgin Mary."


[begin quote of letter]


"To defend and promote life, to show reverence and love for it, is a task which God entrusts to every man." - Pope John Paul II, The Gospel of Life

Dear Fellow Catholic, In solidarity with Pope John Paul II and our U.S. bishops, ..... Catholic Alliance is forcefully speaking out and urges __YOU to take immediate Action ! ___

It is critical for innocent babies that YOU holp convince the Senate to override Bill Clinton's veto of a bill which bans the killing of babies as they are being born -- the gruesome "partial birth abortion" execution!

I beg you to do the following right now:

[1] SIGN and RETURN your "Petition to the Senate."

[2] ADDRESS, SIGN and MAIL the enclosed POSTCARDS.

[3] PRAY to the Blessed Virgin Mary every day. Ask her to move our Senators to act justly and mercifully.

[4] Help FUND this 11th -hour push to convince the Senate to override Bill Clinton's veto of the ban on the "partial birth abortion" execution.

I cannot overstate the urgency of this matter!

The Senate could vote on the veto-override any day.

That's why it is vital YOU take ACTION today !

We must unite as Catholics and flood the Senate with letters, postcards, phone calls and petitions. It is our duty to DEMAND that the Senate override the President's veto of the ban of the "partial birth abortion" execution!

The extreme cruelty of this execution COMPELS us to act.

You know all about the "partial birth abortionn execution. How the "doctor" pulls all but the head of the baby from its mother's womb. How he then jabs a suction tube into the baby's skull, sucks out the brain, kills the baby, crushes its head and finally delivers a dead baby!

Noting the inhumanity of the procedure, James Cardinal Hickey CONDEMNED the Clinton veto saying: "If we deny the humanity of a child ae it is being born, whose humanity will be denied next? Thoughtful Americans should keep this in mind as they ponder their choices on election day."

Roger Cardinal Mahoney was even more blunt. He called Bill Clinton the ___ "herald of the culture of death." _____

Even pro abortion Senator Daniel Moynihan announced he will vote to override the Clinton veto saying:

Right now, the Clinton-vetoed ban on the "partial birth abortion" execution is before Congress. Congress can overturn the President's veto if two-thirds of the members in both the House and Senate vote to do so.

It's almost certain the House will vote to override. But things are far less certain in the Senate.

Which ls why I am committing the full weight and force of our Catholic Alliance to support the call of Pope John Paul II and our U.S. bishops.

It is imperative that we Catholics act as one today!


Especially in a matter as clear as this one!

Holy Mother Church teaches that abortion is wrong!

Pope John Paul II's Gospel of Life encyclical is but the most recent declaration of Church teaching on the inviolability of LIFE!

However there are several [Roman] Catholic members of our U.S. Senate who think they have a clearer insight on God's gift of life than the Holy Father.

These include:

- Ted Kennedy - Chris Dodd - Tom Harkin

- John Kerry - Tom Daschle - Patrick Leahy

- Patty Murray - Carol Moseley-Braun - Barbara Mikulski

Each one of those [Roman] Catholic Senators voted AGAINST the BAN of the "partial birth abortion" execution.

Now it is up to the rest of us [Roman] Catholics to remind these Senators -- and all the other Senators, too - - of their responsibility to uphold JUSTICE!

So again, I beg you to work with Catholic Alliance on this life-saving project. Specifically:

[1] SIGN and RETURN your enclosed "Petition to the Senate."

I will deliver yours and every "Petition" I receive to the Senate Majority Leader. Your "Petition" shows:

Your OUTRAGE over this cruel execution!

Your DEMAND that the "partial birth abortion" execution be BANNED in the United States.

That we [Roman] Catholics are UNITING to stop the killing!

[2] ADDRESS, SIGN and MAIL your enclosed POSTCARDS.

Two go to your U.S. Senators DEMANDING they vote to override Bill Clinton's veto! The third one goes to President Clinton himself. Tell him you are OUTRAGED over ]his veto. Tell him he has proven himself to be the "herald of the culture of death."

[3] PRAY to Our Blessed Mother every day until the Senate takes its veto override vote.

(4) Help FUND this nationwide grass roots campaign to convince Congress to override Bill Clinton's veto of the "partial birth abortion" execution ban.

This is a major battle for LIFE! That is why Catholic Alliance is going all out to DEFEND LIFE!

You are one of ONE MILLION [Roman] Catholics I'm counting on to be part of this life-saving effort. I'm also praying you can help pay the $400,000 cost of this critical project.

Catholic Alliance exists to be an EFFECTIVE voice before Congress for you and all Catholics. But to be that voice, .... I must have a CONTRIBUTION from you and other good people like you !

Your contribution helps pay for "Petition"/postcard ACTION KITS like this one. As Catholics we must defend and spread Holy Mother Church's teachings. Catholic Alliance ACTION KITS give our fellow [Roman] Catholics the means to act with one voice in getting our Catholic message and philosophy before Congress.

For every $10 Catholic Alliance receives, we can produce and mail 25 ACTION KITS. $50 pays for 125 ACTION KITS!

I beg you to be as generous as you possibly can. The more you give, the more [Roman] Catholics we can GET INVOLVED!

As for your "Petition to the Senate" and postcards, remember: Time is of the essence. You must act NOW, BEFORE the Senate votes! So TODAY -

[1] Rush me your signed "Petition to the Senate." [2] Sign and mail your THREE postcards. [3] Along with your signed "Petition," enclose the most generous CONTRIBUTION you can send TODAY.

Thank you. And be sure to pray and fast in support of this most worthy project. God bless you.

In His Service Mrs. Maureen Roselli, Executive Director Catholic Alliance

PS- At the close of his "Gospel of Life" encyclical, the Holy Father composed a prayer to the Blessed Virgin. I've enclosed a copy and ask that you say this prayer every day until the Senate votes on the Clinton veto! Thank you.

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