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gandmak - 07:21pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#612 of 618)

PRIBICH: I touched Serb bodies. I touched Muslim bodies. I touched Croat bodies.

I spoke to Serbs. I spoke to Muslims. I spoke to Croats.

I spoke to the victims of all sides. I spoke to the perpetrators of all sides.

I visited Visegrad, as I visited Sarajevo, as I visited Stolac.

If you have any problems with the fact that I have seen the war and you have not, and if you have any problems with the fact that my neutrality - yet objectivity - does not provide you with the answer that you want to hear, I can do no more.

I am grateful to have met many, many warm and loving Serbs.Thus, I know that your personal problems is not related to you being a Serb or not. You would have been a psychopath without conscience no matter what nationality you would have been born into.

cbcaba - 07:48pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#613 of 618)

THE INDEPENDENT (LONDON) August 22, 1992 Headline: Muslims `slaughter their own people` - Bosnian Bread queue massacre was propaganda ploy, UN told

cbcaba - 07:55pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#614 of 618)

THE SUNDAY TIMES (LONDON) OCTOBER 1, 1995 Headline: Serbs `not guilty` of massacre - Experts warned US that mortar was Bosnian

doctor13 - 09:01pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#615 of 618)


"Mr. Slavko Dokmanovic was arrested by the United Nations Administration in Eastern Slavonia on Friday and has been handed over to the War-Crimes Tribunal. He is charged with the massacre of 200 civilian patients at the Vukovar Hospital in 1991."

Just like the two Serbian officers who were kidnapped and sent to The Hague, Dokmanovic was not even on any list as having been accused of being a war criminal.


Dr. Vesna Bosanac was traded in a prisoner exchange after the fall of Vukovar. Dr. Bosanac was accused of the murder of numerous Serbian patients under her care, whose blood was deliberately drained and given to wounded HOV Croatian soldiers. Upon their death, the vital organs of these Serbian patients were removed and sold on the black market in Germany. Eyewitnesses have come forward to testify to these facts.

Ironically, not only has Dr. Bosanac not been charged with war crimes, she is one of the tribunal's chief witnesses!!!!

In late 1991, the Yugoslav Army captured the city of Vukovar from Croatian forces who had been systematically "ethnically cleansing," the Serb minority in the city. ("ethnically cleanse," contrary to the belief that it was coined during the Bosnia conflict, was actually coined in WWII when Croats and Muslims were exterminating their Serbian, Jewish and Gypsy citizens.

A Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy article in London in December 1992 said "At least 1,000 Serbs, mostly women, old people and children, were shot, knifed, axed or bludgeoned to death systematically one-by-one, in two main centres . . . One visiting Croat female journalist during the Vukovar fighting, unfamiliar with firearms asked one of the young gunmen to cock a pistol for her so that she could feel what it was like to kill a Serb. She shot, indiscriminately, an old Serb woman who was standing under Croat guard." In November 1991, the Toronto Star said that "a photographer reported seeing black plastic bags containing pieces of the bodies of children about 5, 6, or 7 years old."

When Serb forces broke through and discovered the grisly scenes, Croatian soldiers, in an attempt to escape justice, fled to the protection of the Vukovar hospital and became patients.

Points to be made.

1. These were not "civilian" patients."

2. These butchers were Croatian soldiers who were so cowardly, they had to run to the protection of the Vukovar Hospital after massacring over 1,000 Serbian men women and children.

3. They were protected by "I Like Eichmann" butcher Dr. Vesna Bosanac.

They say that "Justice is Blind." In the case of The Hague, and its accusers, Justice is not only blind, but she is deaf and dumb.

StSava - 09:04pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#616 of 618)

Thank you 'Against the lies'

I was searching for that quote at the time I wrote my response to 'warwitness' this quote demonstrates what an arrogant liar he is.

UN officials believe the bullet which killed US TV producer David Kaplan near Sarajevo airport on 13 August was unlikely to have been fired by a sniper from distant Serbian positions. “That would have been impossible,” one UN military officer said. “That shot came in horizontal to the ground. Somebody was down at ground level.”

The other aspect of his recent post was revealing when he/she admitted to “working” while in Zagreb and Sarajevo during the war. Perhaps 'warwitness' is one of those 'vampires' that he described. Those creatures that profited from this war and made a living on human suffering.

Thank you for helping to expose the arrogance of this lying Bastard!

Wm. Dorich—SAVA

pribich - 09:40pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#617 of 618)

pravoslavac - Jun 28, 1997 Msg. #608: "...LAND WHICH IS NOT THEIRS, THE LAND THEY CLAIM under some false pretense!... My dear Croat liar, I was born in Croatia and I'm coming back with the Serbian Army to take back my land. This time Serbs will purge Croatia of Ustase still in their diapers soiled with Hitler's Nazi waste so that decent Croats can live together with their Serb brothers in peace.

pribich - 10:17pm Jun 28, 1997 EST (#618 of 618)

gandmak - Jun 28, 1997 Msg. #612: "PRIBICH: I touched... I touched... I touched... I spoke... I spoke... I spoke... I spoke... I spoke... I visited... I visited... I visited... If you have any problems..." One of my problems are buffoons with an IQ of ten above vegetable life who can't do simple math and yet claim to have done statistical analysis for the U.N.