From ................ National Catholic Reporter

January 17, 1997

page 24

Puzzling insights

- Your interview with Christin Lore Weber (NCR, Dec. 13) is puzzling. Are her spiritual insights based on Mary of Nazareth? She who was terrified by a divine presence, uncertain of her son's direction and role, living as her son did the awful paradox of suffering and glory, then to disappear from biblical history into silence? Or are Ms. Weber's impressions voguish New Age worship, seeing Mary in her new role as part of the Godhead?

Of course, one can have sympathy with a charged "spiral of mysteries" carrying a person into the "feminine aspect of God."

There's not a creature short of hell who doesn't long for loving, mothering arms. But where's the biblical credibility? A rosary is Christ's "prayer"? What happens to a Catholic's "endless center" (psychologically) when the only name resonating 50 times daily is Mary, a creature, while the creator of the universe, his son, and Mother/Father Spirit get only passing mention? Where is the Catholic proclivity for balance, proper emphasis, and rationality? ...

Instead, how about all Christian worship directed, heart-filled, running over, murmur-touched and attuned to the great mystery of the Holy Trinity, with the ardent, most treasured wish that we emulate Mary of Nazareth, her life, service and love? And leave it at that!

E. J. MARLEY Englewood, Fla.