"We prohibit also the permitting of the laity to have the books of the Old and New Testament, unless any one should wish, from a feeling of devotion, to have a psalter or breviary for divine service, or the hours of the blessed Mary. But we strictly forbid them to have the above-mentioned books in the vulgar tongue." [Council of Valencia, 1229]

"In as much as it is manifest, from experience, that if the Holy Bible, translated into the vulgar tongue, be indiscriminately allowed to everyone, the temerity of men will cause more evil than good to arise from it; it is, on this point, referred to the judgment of the bishops, or inquisitors, who may, by the advice of the priest or confessor, permit the reading of the Bible translated into the vulgar tongue by Catholic authors, to those persons whose faith and piety, they apprehend, will be augmented, and not injured by it; and this permission they must have in writing."

[Council of Trent 1545-66]

[Roman Catholicism, by Boettner, page 97]

Of "Socialism, Communism, Secret Societies, BIBLICAL SOCIETIES, Clerico-Liberal Societies" , section IV of Pope IX's syllabus reads-

" Pests of this kind are frequently reprobated in the severest terms in the Encyclical 'Qui pluribus,' Nov.9, 1846, Allocution 'Quibus quantisque,' April 29, 1849, Encyclical 'Noscitis et Nobiscum,' Dec. 8, 1849, Allocution 'Singulari quadam,' Dec.9, 1854, Encyclical 'Quanto conficiamur,' Aug.10, 1863."

[Dogmatic Canons and Decrees Pub.by Tan Books, page 192]