From- OLD NAZIS, THE NEW RIGHT AND THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION The Role of Domestic Fascist Networks in the Republican Party and Their Effect on U.S. Cold War Politics

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The "unfortunate association" was, in fact, a long-standing relationship between Nazi Germany and the Croatian Ustashi beginning years before WWII.36 The Nazis conspired with the Ustashi to create the Croatian split from Yugoslavia. When the Vatican-backed Ustashi took power in 1941, they began liquidating Orthodox Serbians, Jews and Gypsies.

Even the Nazis were taken aback by the barbarity of Ustashi concentration camps and the liquidations of whole villages. Huge ovens at Jasenovac reportedly burned people alive.

An estimated 750,000 people, mostly Serbians, were killed by the Ustashi in the crucible which forged Croatian independence. The "independent state of Croatia," whose founding the GOP suggests we commemorate, ceased to exist after the fall of the Third Reich.