Subject: WHO IS 666 ?

To: Terry Davenport From: Charles Bateman

Date: 9/23/94

TD>>> True enough that we need to show people the truth. But remember when Paul was in Athens and went to the hill where he saw the altar engraved "To An Unknown God"? He then went before the people and said that he would endeavor to show them the God they considered unknown so that they might know HIM. He didn't jump up and down and say they were wrong and condemned to hell for worshiping their particular gods... <<<<<

Excellent example. Yet remember Paul was NOT dealing with those who believed themselves to be Christians, not only, but THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH, and that all others who call themselves Christians are merely perverted counterfeits. That is a completely different matter. You have not seen this aspect yet, but you will.

Let me quote the Croatian Catholic President (all Croats are Catholics, at least Croatia is a Catholic Nation) - I believe this man is now President of Bosnia (formerly Yugoslavia, where the Croatians butchered the Serbians in the 1940s simply because of the Serbs religion - amazing how the news media here keeps this hush hush)

This was printed in The Globe and Mail (a Canadian paper), Saturday, October 17, 1992, quoting President Franjo Tudjman from his Wastelands of Historical reality:

Documentation provided by Harvey Kane, National Executive Director, Jewish Defense League of Canada, in co-operation with the Serbian Unity Congress from Western Canada. To verify the authenticity of the aforementioned, write to P.O. Box 57134 Calgary, Alberta Canada T1Y 5TO

You had no idea that Catholics in Bosnia held this to be Christian doctrine, did you? The Vatican was one of the first countries (it is a political state) to call for "military intervention" in Bosnia. So who do you suppose the military was there for? Look at the above quote, and maybe you will understand why the Serbs were hitting back with everything they had - it is called survival.

The Croatians started the whole thing by rising up to overthrow the Serbian government. The allies in World War II liberated the Serbians from the Catholics (Croatians), and thereafter recognized the Serbian government as the authentic government.

After we finally established a full diplomatic relationship with the Vatican, in approximately 1984, when William A. Wilson became the first U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, the Croatians began to grow stronger in Yugoslavia. By 1990-91 they were supported enough by the United States government that they rose up to overthrow the Serb government.

Rather than calling them "anarchists," or saying they were guilty of "sedition", our news media was allowed to call them "the break-away republic of Croatia," and our military and financial aid went to them. You can see how far the political base of the U.S. has turned.

The Vatican put Nazi Germany together, officially signing a Concordat with Germany in May 1933. When the Roman Catholics; Hitler, Himler, Hoess, etc., came to the attention of the world, the Vatican was already deep into financial and political support of their Reich --- defined in Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition as "THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE." That is a direct reference to papal dominion.

The "papacy" is that which is under the dominion of the pope, or "papa," or "father." Nazi Germany was not called "THE FATHERLAND" for nothing. Well, the story is a long one.

When the Vatican decides that the pro-Catholic government in the U.S. should take our weapons and subjugate us like the Jews were treated by the Catholic government lead by Hitler, then we will see whose faith is genuine, and who is playing games.

Waco, TX was the first United States Auschwitz, a test case to see what internal resistance there is to Vatican dominion over all academic and religious thought here. The pro-Catholic government created all the allegations against David Koresh and Branch Davidians of child abuse, orgies, drugs, weapons violation, etc. NONE have ever been substantiated, only alleged.

And who has been able to bring anything against the BATF and FBI for their illegal activities at the Mt. Carmel Center in Waco? They murdered 17 innocent children who committed no crimes, and blamed it on David Koresh.

There is film footage of all sorts of conspiracy on the part of the government regarding the Waco incident. But the government found out that the nation as a whole will lie quietly by while innocent U.S. Citizens (a church) are assaulted by U.S. military troops on U.S. soil.