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January 17, 1997

page 22

Action and holiness

- The spread on page 2 and 3 of your Dec. 6 edition said much about our church. On the left, a moving tribute to the late Cardinal Bernardin with a reference to the Common Ground project. On the righthand page, one piece about Call to Action and another about Call to Holiness. We are told that last month these two groups both met in Detroit.

It is sad that they seem to have no contact with each other. Next year they say they will again be in the same city.

If there is no contact then, it will be more than sad. It will be a public scandal. "See how these Christians love one another." Yeah, really....

I suggest that when they are in Memphis they hire the local Quaker meetinghouse and each select, say, 20 of their number. At an arranged time they pray silently together for one hour, peacefully listening to the Spirit, waiting for the light. They conclude by exchanging handshakes. They leave. That's all.

This could be repeated weekly in the regions as a preparation for the Common Ground project, and for the millennium. Maybe a few Quakers could be invited. Why? Because they believe in holiness and, equally, in action. They are peacemakers and reconcilers....

"Joseph Bernardin, pray for us!"

Or, if you prefer, Josephus Bernardinus, ora pro nobis!

(Fr.) BENEDICT LIVINGSTONE, SP ..........Jemez Springs, N.M.


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