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January 26, 1996

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Advertisement for book - CATHOLICS OBJECT

Author- Raymond J. Paluck


4049 128th Ave. SW Belfield, ND 58622-9232

[Book cover depicts couple in bed, with RC clergyman between them]

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BIRTH CONTROL. The encyclical Humanae Vitae teaches that "each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life." How can each and every marital act remain open to procreation if at certain times of the month a woman cannot conceive ?

CELIBACY. Christ appointed Peter, a married man, to head the Church. Today, because of the celibacy requirement, Peter would not be permitted to enter the priesthood. Could Christ have been wrong in making this appointment?

INFALLIBILITY. When the pope speaks infallibly as the head of the Church, in matters of faith and morals, it is to be accepted by all Roman Catholics as the teaching laid down by Christ and His apostles. If papal teachings are to be accepted as if they were laid down by Christ, who is also God, is the pope Godlike in knowing truth?

"I recently purchased and read your book, Catholics Object. Both my wife and I were really amazed at how well you had put the arguments together. We both were wondering if you had published any other works ? Thanks for a really good and understandable text and clarifying a difficult subject." A reader from Des Moines, Iowa.

Catholics Object reveals how some Catholic teachings clash with the teachings of Scripture.

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4049 128th Ave. SW

Belfield, ND 58622-9232